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Have you ever considered deconstructed role play in your classroom?

#teammagicalmaths @LagomEyfs Deconstructed role play After reading numerous blogs about deconstructed role-play over the past year, I was really excited about developing a stimulating learning area within the classroom environment. I wanted an area or space, which truly promoted children’s independence,

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Brand New 2016 Qualification ‘Core Maths’ Revision Videos!

core maths

#teammagicalmaths @MrGordonMaths Brand New 2016 Qualification ‘Core Maths’ Revision Videos A new Level 3 qualification for work, study and life. Official account – DfE #CoreMaths Support Programme run by EdDevTrust –  @thecmsp The new ‘Core Maths’ qualifications are designed to better prepare students for

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How to Provide More Maths Challenges at KS2 Maths! A First Class Maths Solution!

level 6 maths challenges ks2

Guest Blogger: @gareth_metcalfe Providing Maths challenges KS2 So the level 6 tests were introduced into primary schools at the end of KS2, and I took a sharp intake of breath: was the maths curriculum about to become narrowed for our most

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Take a look at my favourite properties of whole numbers question! What is yours?

Guest Blogger:  @gareth_metcalfe Properties of Whole Numbers ‘Do all odd square numbers greater than 1 have 3 factors?’ I love this question. Let me explain why, and the train of thought that it can generate. Children usually start by generating

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What is your favourite number? Mine is 10,213,223! Do you know why? #shareamathsstarter

What is your favourite number? This is a great little starter/Do Now question you can have on the board when pupils are coming into your classroom. Simply ask learners what their favourite number is and more important why? I love

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How to hack credit cards using Mathematics! I bet you can not work out my credit card pin code!

I bet you can not hack my credit card and work out my pin Why not set your class a challenge to be able to work out the pin code to your credit card! This is a fun and engaging

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The SECRET to easily Learn your 13 times table, 14 times table, 15 times table, 16 times table. . . . . ! Mind Blowing!

Learning your 13 times table 14 times table

Maths Trick – Learning your 13, 14, 15, 16,17,18,19,20 times table Are you looking to challenge the most able in your class or want to develop mathematical confidence of your learners? This is a great Maths trick to easily remember

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Why did my Maths teacher not show me this? Mental Math Division tricks !!

Math Division  – Mental Maths Tricks Are you looking to develop your Math Division mental maths skills? If so, then you have come to the right place! Dividing integers can be tricky but the following rules will help you decide

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Top Tips to find Great Maths Resources online! Useful Advice!

maths education

Guestblogger:  @cincottapeter I’ve just had my 50th birthday and I am completing my 26th year in the education field.  The differences between today and when I began teaching are certainly many.  One of these is the vast amount of great

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Why Learning your multiplication times tables off by heart is rubbish! >> Absolute Rubbish!

Guest blogger: @simonmlewis Comments are FREE. Please leave one below. I think that learning tables off by heart is rubbish. When I say this, it is usually met with general disagreement and in some cases, complete contempt. Typical responses included: There

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The best way to crack Level 6 Maths at Primary School KS2! >> Great Advice!


Guest blogger: @tambotaylor Level 6 Maths Two years ago I took over as headteacher of Park Hill Primary school in Coventry and like all schools it had its strengths and areas for development. One particular area that needed fine tuning was

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Have you seen these two Innovative FREE online games to support maths at EYFS & KS1?

woman playing computer game

Guest Blogger: ShrekTheTeacher Having struggled to find any maths games that children go back to again and again, I have created two myself that I hope will make a difference… I have focussed on recognising numerals, matching them with quantities, and

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Have you seen this innovative new adventure iBook for iPad to support maths in Early Years KS1?

Guest Blogger: Chris Dunn @ShrekTheTeacher Tiny Bob’s Adventurous Counting has been written creatively to support maths in Early Years and Key Stage 1. It’s a very interactive book on Apple’s iBooks store, and can be used on any iPad or Mac computer…

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Does a lack of mental maths ‘ability’ stem from poor counting? A great read!!

counting image picture clipart

Guest Blogger: Chris Dunn @ShrekTheTeacher Poor mental maths ‘ability’ (I say ability, but I suspect it has more to do with education), seems to have become endemic in England.  It’s often talked about in the press, and is so prevalent in my

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99% of people answer this question wrong! The best counting triangles starter ever!

The best triangles counting starter solution The documents needed for this engaging counting triangles starter can be downloaded below. We have all seen these counting shape type activities doing the rounds on Facebook and Twitter and we are all aware

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