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Guest Blogger: @gareth_metcalfe Mathematics culture How can we learn well in maths? Why do some people find mathematics difficult? What does it mean think and act like a mathematician? These are fundamental questions; the way children answer these questions will to …

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Guest Blogger: @gareth_metcalfe Providing Maths challenges KS2 So the level 6 tests were introduced into primary schools at the end of KS2, and I took a sharp intake of breath: was the maths curriculum about to become narrowed for our most …

How to Provide More Maths Challenges at KS2 Maths! A First Class Maths Solution! Read More »

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Guest Blogger:  @gareth_metcalfe Properties of Whole Numbers ‘Do all odd square numbers greater than 1 have 3 factors?’ I love this question. Let me explain why, and the train of thought that it can generate. Children usually start by generating …

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Guestblogger: @gareth_metcalfe A few years ago I had a year 6 class which included some very able, enthusiastic and strong-willed learners (the best kind!). They would engage well in maths, unquestionably making great progress and always thriving on challenge. However, I …

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