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Brand New 2016 Qualification ‘Core Maths’ Revision Videos!

core maths

#teammagicalmaths @MrGordonMaths Brand New 2016 Qualification ‘Core Maths’ Revision Videos A new Level 3 qualification for work, study and life. Official account – DfE #CoreMaths Support Programme run by EdDevTrust –  @thecmsp The new ‘Core Maths’ qualifications are designed to better prepare students for

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‘Rate my Focus’ – understanding and taking ownership to help learning excel in Maths.

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Guest Blogger: @MrJPWalton ‘Rate my Focus’ – an idea to help children activate their understanding of, and take ownership of their focus in lessons. This term I have decided to challenge my wonderful Y6 Maths class to develop the amount of time

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Have you thought about using twitter in the classroom? Social media, #hashtags and the Maths classroom!

why every teacher educator should be using twitter

Guest Blogger:  @mr_g_walton Using Twitter In The Classroom So we all use Twitter, right? It’s a great place to share ideas, collaborate in a virtual staff room, find out about events, etc.  But in the run up to the last

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Why Teaching Needs You – Teacher, YOU Matter! Advice on Becoming a Teacher!

Guestblogger: @TeachYOUMatter Why Teaching Needs You – Teacher, YOU Matter! Advice on Becoming a Teacher! Teachers are some of the most amazing people on the planet. After our parents, our teachers have the most impact on us, one so profound that

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The best way to crack Level 6 Maths at Primary School KS2! >> Great Advice!


Guest blogger: @tambotaylor Level 6 Maths Two years ago I took over as headteacher of Park Hill Primary school in Coventry and like all schools it had its strengths and areas for development. One particular area that needed fine tuning was

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How to get a GCSE C grade by just using MyMaths and BBC Bite Size


Below are a list of Key C grade topics that have links to lessons and revision pages on MyMaths and BBC Bite Size. Obviously you will need a MyMaths login to access their pages but the BBC resources are free.

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Do you set high expectations? Great ideas for classroom rules!!!

high expectations

Here are some great ideas that I am not going to take credit for to make sure that you set high expectations right from the start of the year. Setting expectations and boundaries are key to ensuring that behaviour for

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Practice Makes Perfect! Math On Track

Practice makes perfect! Ask any sports person. Practice re-enforces concepts, decreases reaction time and improves confidence. The feeling of “I have done this before” is a powerful one. The tenet applies as much to basic math as it does to

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Working out online: Mathematics, learning analytics and Inner loop learning.

When I was in the classroom, I used to tell students that if two students had exactly the same answers to a GCSE paper, some right, some wrong, then the one who showed their working out would get the better

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Top Tips to consider when you want to revise effectively! Useful!

revision student

Creating an exam revision schedule As a pupil mentor it is important that you speak to them about how to manage their time during the busy exam revision period. There are many different strategies and techniques but I visual representation

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What’s invisible? More than you think – John Lloyd

This is a great video that triggers great discussion during a form session. What do we actually know! Gravity. The stars in day. Thoughts. The human genome. Time. Atoms. So much of what really matters in the world is impossible

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Mathematics number starter – Fun with a calculator 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321

Before a Calculator lesson as a starter I like getting learners to have fun with their resource. I get them to enter the following into their calculators and watch their amazement when they see the answer. 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 =

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Everybody is a genius Says Albert Einstein

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What does SEN mean?

What does SEN mean? The acronym, which appears to have arisen from the DfES in the UK: SEN simply mean “Special Educational Needs“.

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Ken Robinson views on Creativity: TED Video Ken Robinson Changing Education Paradigms

Ken Robinson views on Creativity This is arguably one of the best TED videos that I have ever watched and is a MUST WATCH and share for any avid teacher. It illustrates how as a society we really need to

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