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How do you Design an Outstanding Maths Curriculum?

maths design

Guestblogger: @MikeFoster54 How do you Design an Outstanding Maths Curriculum? “So how you are developing deepened learning in the new curriculum?” was the question I was asked whilst walking a consultant HMI around school. Still to this day, it passes through

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How many decimal places can you remember pi to?

How many decimal places can your remember pi to

Remember pi As Piscine does in the best selling book, “life of Pi”,  are ready to take up the challenge to try and remember Pi to the greatest number of decimal places? Why not challenge your pupils to develop their

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How do you Demonstrate Mastery Across the Primary Maths Curriculum?

maths debugging

Guestblogger: MrGPrimary Primary Mathematics – The Trainee Teacher viewpoint… As a trainee entering the world of teaching, mastery maths has been an exciting development in my school.  The ability to extend all the students through provision of challenge activities has had

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OMG! Why was I not shown this in Maths class? Column Subtraction Made Easy!

Column Subtraction Borrow From Next Door

Column Subtraction Made Simple What a wonderful way of making column subtraction simple for any pupil who is finding it challenging. It is so simple but yet so effective! When you are in a position that you have to borrow

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What if the world were a village?

The world as 100 people

What if the world were a village? A great activity with shrunk-down statistics to help students understand the “Global Village”. The students look into what the world’s population would look like if we represented it as a village of 100

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The best viral factorial BIDMAS BODMAS question starter ever!

factorial bidmas bodmas question

The answer, solution and reasoning to the Factorial BIDMAS question starter  This order of operations question is taking twitter by storm and has been shared hundreds of times on the magical maths timeline. The solution to this question is straight forward

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Are you ready to rock?

you rock you rule

Guestblogger: @the_ttrust Are you ready to rock? At school, I can honestly say the subject I dreaded most was always maths, fearing those square ruled pages and an hour of “if X = 1, Y must = ????”.  Now, 20 years

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Have you ever tried to make the ordinary, extraordinary in Maths?

maths and noodles

Guestblogger: @tessmaths Noodles, Knitting and Gaffer Tape As a Teacher Trainer and rabid Tweeter Teacher I am always “magpieing” ideas and suggestions or chipping in with my own thoughts and ideas for others…”have you seen this “or “try this out”. One

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You have to try this great probability experiment! 1296 and Yahtzee!

1296 yahtzee maths

1296 and Yahtzee in the classroom This is another great video from numberphille which doubles up as a great experiment that you can try in your Maths class when you are covering probability. This great class activity would be a

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The thinking behind DoodleMaths

Children don’t always choose what’s best for them

Guestblogger: DoodleMaths I’m delighted to have been asked by the lovely people at Magical Maths to guest blog a little about the thinking behind DoodleMaths. We very much appreciate the opportunity to write a little bit about our motivation for developing

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Have you ever tried Maths with Stormtroopers or Barbies?

storm trooper maths

Guestblogger: PeterMadelaine Maths should be fun for everybody I “got” arithmetic at an early age. In my early teens, one of the things that attracted me to astronomy was the scale of numbers involved: billions and trillions! (In those days a

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Oh no, not another multiplication method!! #vedic

vedic method multiplication

Guestblogger: tessmaths A Vedic multiplication method For some students the column method for long multiplication is enough for them to master. This equips them with a skill to use and apply in ever increasing magnitude even up to multiplying by eleventy

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These cups should have a place in any classroom! Making the ordinary extraordinary!

place values cups 1

#TeamMagicalEducators: tessmaths These cups should have a place in any classroom! Making the ordinary extraordinary… This picture was one I picked up a couple of years ago on Twitter and it sparked a creative note. Having experimented with the approach to

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Would you agree that this is the best Maths tip ever!

the best maths tip ever

The best Maths tips ever I would so love to be in the position of being able to do this out in a restaurant and see the face of the waiter. : ) What a way to give a tip,

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I bet you this video will make you feel like a right Muppet!

The story behind bottled water

The story of bottled water – a manufactured demand! The video below makes an engaging starter, assembly theme, or form discussion about the how we have been manipulated to desire bottled water over the conventional supply of tap water. A

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