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How to prepare for 11+ Maths —

Is your child is preparing for the 11 plus exam in the UK? Maths skills need to be strong, as it’s one of the main topics that will be assessed. In the 11 plus, the maths section tests your child’s numerical skills, as well as other core maths concepts. What is the format of the […]

Math: Catching Up Tips and Tricks —

School is starting very soon and you find yourself struggling with your Math work.  Math. Whether you have fallen behind because you have mismanaged your time or your workload is too heavy, one thing is pretty clear: you need help with Math. Giving up is not an option. Try to catch up. It is not […]

How to Do Math Research in High School —

Research is an annoying part of academia regardless of which subject it is in, but researching mathematics is a difficult beast to manage because it’s hard to do. What do you look for? How do you research math in the first place? It’s just extremely difficult to do, especially when you’re young and don’t have […]

4 must know concepts for PSLE ratio —

When having an exam, you don’t want to mess up with the marks that come with PSLE ratio word problems. These marks are a chunk of the total marks for the exam, and it’s only safe to earn as much as you can. Various methods are involved in solving PSLE math’s, and any one of […]

Creating Final Draft of an Essay —

Creating Final Draft of an Essay A specialist from Jon Hamilton says that writing an essay is one of the performance tasks that are required in some subjects of a college student. The goal of writing it is either to inform, persuade, entertain, or explain a subject or a theme. In order to make […]

How to Advise Students About A-Level Choices —

How to Advise Students About A-Level Choices At various points in their young lives, your students will have to make difficult decisions, most notably the choices surrounding A-levels. An exceptionally unenviable position, especially with the university application process’s ongoing deadlines and persistent pressures. As they come to deal with this, they will face the frustrating […]

The Best Countries to Become a Teacher —

The Best Countries to Become a Teacher One of the biggest advantages with education as a career option is that it is extremely globally applicable. In every country of the world, at every level from primary to pre-higher, teachers are in some significant demand because every country needs better-educated citizens for a smarter workforce to […]

Tips to Finish Maths Paper on Time —

Tips to Finish Maths Paper on Time A lot of students, even the most intelligent ones face difficulties when it comes to completing a Maths paper. The long and tricky calculations one has to solve to complete each question often appear big to address, creating pressure in the minds of students. The pressure causes panic, […]