3 ways to get your children into maths

3 ways to get your children into maths

Getting kids into maths can be challenging, especially if you’re not into it yourself! So, if you’ve ever wondered how you can get your children to enjoy maths, then keep reading to discover three of the best ways to get them excited about one of the most critical subjects on the planet.

1. Be passionate about maths

Research shows that maths is one of the most universally hated school subjects. As a result, many parents unknowingly pass on their hatred of maths to their children. So, if you’re one of the many that disliked maths at school, try not to let your feelings influence your kids! This is easier said than done, but with perseverance, you will no longer have to scowl when your son or daughter asks for help with their maths homework!

Leading by example will mean that your children won’t go into school with preconceived notions about how tricky or tedious maths is, and they will be able to formulate their opinions about the subject based on their own experiences. Remember, just because Mrs Smith made your high-school maths lessons memorable for all the wrong reasons, doesn’t mean your kids will have the same experience!

2. Consistency is key

During holidays, especially the long summer break, children forget things that they have learned during term-time. In fact, an estimated 11 weeks worth of maths skills are lost over the summer! According to MyTutor, summer learning loss means that a whopping 6 weeks of the autumn term are used to simply relearn everything from the previous year, meaning that the real learning doesn’t begin until October.

You can help combat this problem by making sure your kids are actively learning throughout their school holidays. Active learning encourages student interaction and participation in the learning process, as opposed to passive learning, which involves merely reading or listening. You could always do this yourself, but if you really hate maths or struggle with doing long division, then the best option is to hire someone who is not only good at maths but is also genuinely passionate about everything maths-related. Enthusiasm is catching, so exposing children to people who love maths is an excellent choice if you want to get them excited about it too.

3. Make it fun

Making maths fun is the number one means of getting children excited about maths. Many people don’t like maths because they find it dry, dull and overly abstract at school. They can’t see the point of doing trigonometry or learning about the Pythagorean Theorem. So, try to make your child’s experience more positive by showing them the relevance of mathematical theories and the potential fun that can be had with them.

When teaching kids about the importance of trigonometry, you could walk around your town and work out how high the buildings are. Or if you are super creative, you could create your own rocket out of a plastic bottle, baking soda and vinegar, and then get kids to work out the projectile angle. There are so many ways of making maths fun and interesting for kids, but also remember to have fun yourself!

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