The “Magical Maths”  Toolkit was set up in early 2007 to act as a learning hub for Maths teachers around the world. The success of the Maths Toolkit led to the introduction of the highly acclaimed Educator Toolkit

The site receives thousands of unique visits per day, and has developed into a site where Maths teachers across the globe share resources to aid the development of OUTSTANDING teaching pedagogy.

Make sure to comment and share any of the posts that you find useful or interesting. If you would like to be a guest blogger on the site and contribute to the toolkit then contact us.

Do you know how to square large numbers that end in 5? Mind Blown!

What is the Activity? The squaring of a number that ends in 5 activity can be used to develop the ...
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What is your favourite multiplication method? Mine is Napier Bones!

What is the Activity? The use of Napier Bones method named after John Napier, can be used to develop the ...
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Have you used Snakes and Ladders in your classroom?

What is the resource? A FREE printable Snakes and Ladders Board to use in your classroom. Download the resource HERE ...
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How to prepare for 11+ Maths

Is your child is preparing for the 11 plus exam in the UK? Maths skills need to be strong, as ...
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How do you Make Effective Cross Curricular Links?

#teammagicalmaths @PrimaryMathsRes How To Make Effective Cross-Curricular Links. The Cross Curricular Approach The phrase 'Cross-Curricular' is often used to describe an ...
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Can I colour Maths?

#teammagicalmaths @MrLsMathsApps Can I colour Maths? The children in my class always love it when I connect the Ipad to the ...
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