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Can this really be true? 5 Hours of PLYT improved children’s maths by 19%!


#teammagicalmaths  @Plytgame Can this really be true? 5 Hours of PLYT improved children’s maths by 19%! Hope you don’t mind but we just had to share our exciting findings with you.  Last half term we undertook a project with a

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Have you heard the mouse family sing ‘The Twelve Times Table’?

mouse family

Guestblogger: @papaandmayhem After many years of being ignored the 12 times table is back in the news. – all children in England will be expected to know the 2 – 12 times table by age 11, This is great for The Mouse

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31 Days to Faster Times Tables > A great way for learning times tables! @mathsinsider

learning times tables

Learning Times Tables Caroline Mukisa from the Maths Insider website has recently launched 31 Days to Faster Times Tables, a program designed to help busy parents guide their children to faster, more confident in learning times tables. Caroline explains further,

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Why did my Maths teacher not show me this? Mental Math Division tricks !!

Math Division  – Mental Maths Tricks Are you looking to develop your Math Division mental maths skills? If so, then you have come to the right place! Dividing integers can be tricky but the following rules will help you decide

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Probably the “flashiest” way to practice and help the learning of times tables, fun fun fun!

Learning Times Tables This is another great resource from that I have used to get learners to learn times tables. I use this as a starter in a lesson or in a ICT suite and hold competitions to who

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Hints Tricks and Tips on Learning Times Tables! :: UPDATED ::

time image picture clipart

Learning times tables Parents of toddlers and primary school teachers  are always looking for better ways in learning times tables. The first thing is to get a times tables chart and make sure that this is visible as times table

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