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Who is the Secret Walker in your classroom? —

#teammagicaleducator @samschoolstuff Who is the Secret Walker in your classroom? Let’s get this straight from the start, what follows is not my original idea. Like most teachers, I consciously and unconsciously soak up ideas from colleagues, the internet and, well, anywhere really. I only wish I could give full credit to the person who I got […]

How do you Make Effective Cross Curricular Links? —

#teammagicalmaths @PrimaryMathsRes How To Make Effective Cross-Curricular Links. The Cross Curricular Approach The phrase ‘Cross-Curricular’ is often used to describe an approach to lesson planning whereby links are made between subjects rather than segregating them entirely. It is understandable that when subjects are separate some receive more emphasis than others, Literacy and Maths for example. Other […]

The wonderful world of writable surfaces! —

#teammagicaleducators @PaulWat5 The wonderful world for writable surfaces! Hi-tech isn’t always ICT based, sometimes it is a well thought out piece of design that transform a classroom. Writable surfaces are a must in every classroom as they engage the children and encourage collaboration while learning. Using writable surfaces is a fantastic way to improve teaching […]

I can not wait to use this idea! Calculators and Balloons! #poundlandpedagogy —

#teammagicalmaths @littlemissk149 Calculators and Balloons! #poundlandpedagogy One of the things I love on twitter is #poundlandpedagogy. Quite simply, it is a great example of where technology and social media have empowered teachers to collaborate and share their ideas in a quick and accessible way. I appreciate that the concept of going to a poundland-style shop and […]

Have you seen this amazing classroom display idea? Student Expression Through Word Clouds! —

#teammagicaleducators @julieinsd Student Expression Through Word Clouds Word Clouds are often used to facilitate conversations around key vocabulary in an essay, chapter of a book, or highlights of a lesson. Karyn Bartig, kindergarten teacher at Ericson Elementary School in San Diego Unified School District decided she wanted her students to create word clouds to highlight characteristics […]

Using the Famous 5 For Easy Gains in the Classroom —

Guestblogger: @mccreaemma The Famous 5 I was encouraged by a story on Staffrm to share the little things we do in our classrooms that are easy to implement and have immediate impact. Thus I shared a little known strategy I use called ‘The Famous 5‘. It’s been surprisingly popular with teachers. I used The Famous 5 […]

The Engaging School Assembly Challenge! —

Guestblogger: @AssemblyTube The Engaging Assembly Challenge! Thirty seven years teaching in large Comprehensive Schools, including 21 years as a Deputy Head, have taught me that creating engaging Assemblies is harder than most people realise. Anyone with enough bravado can stand in front of several hundred teenagers and bore them for 10 minutes. But how do you engage […]

Educating Ruby – Guy Claxton and Bill Lucas —

Guest blogger: GuyClaxton Educating Ruby The school curriculum consists of several different kinds of things: things that are intrinsically interesting (to all young people of a certain age); things that can be made interesting by a good teacher; things that are self-evidently useful; things that, while neither useful or interesting in their own right, are effective […]