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Can you draw a triangle with 3 right angles?

Can you draw a triangle with 3 right angles? This makes a great starter or challenge question to any Maths lesson. Is this possible? Why is it not possible? but then….. This solution works great on a balloon and easy

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Are you making your pupils scratch where there is no itch? Great Read!

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Guest Blogger: @thenumberverse  NEED BEFORE FEED: I Don’t Have A Question For Your Answer. How well should we expect pupils to listen, engage, and try? Why should they, over and above a sense of duty? Let’s say you start a lesson

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Working out online: Mathematics, learning analytics and Inner loop learning.

When I was in the classroom, I used to tell students that if two students had exactly the same answers to a GCSE paper, some right, some wrong, then the one who showed their working out would get the better

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Maths Lesson Starter Extension Problem – What are Congruent Shapes?

Maths Lesson Starter Extension Problem – What are Congruent Shapes? These are two great extension, stretch and challenge puzzles on congruent shapes. These could also be used as a great plenary or starter to a lesson, but ensure that you give

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