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How to prepare for 11+ Maths —

Is your child is preparing for the 11 plus exam in the UK? Maths skills need to be strong, as it’s one of the main topics that will be assessed. In the 11 plus, the maths section tests your child’s numerical skills, as well as other core maths concepts. What is the format of the […]

Detention! Does it really work? —

Guestblogger: bcripps078 Someone recently asked about how schools are using detentions. This led me to consider how far the school I teach in has progressed in the last 10 years. I teach in a high school in Belfast. When I began teaching there, one hour detentions were very common and staff were on a rota to […]

The thinking behind DoodleMaths —

Guestblogger: DoodleMaths I’m delighted to have been asked by the lovely people at Magical Maths to guest blog a little about the thinking behind DoodleMaths. We very much appreciate the opportunity to write a little bit about our motivation for developing DoodleMaths, and our own personal philosophy on how children learn maths. A quick introduction: we […]

Help! How to get My Maths on Iphone or Ipad? —

My Maths on Ipad or Iphone So you are one of the many pupils and teachers looking to get MyMaths working on your iphone or ipad. For many years due to lack of support of flash on apple devices  MyMaths was not able to be used on Ipads or Iphones! Now finally there is a […]