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Detention! Does it really work?

detentions does it work

Guestblogger: bcripps078 Someone recently asked about how schools are using detentions. This led me to consider how far the school I teach in has progressed in the last 10 years. I teach in a high school in Belfast. When I began

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Maths is pointless! I have never been any good at Maths!

maths is pointless

Guestblogger: @TeaKayB How Can You Help Your Children Learn Maths? I’ve never been any good at maths. Maths is pointless! The above statement* is, in my opinion, the single most damaging thing affecting mathematics education today, for two reasons: 1. It’s

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The thinking behind DoodleMaths

Children don’t always choose what’s best for them

Guestblogger: DoodleMaths I’m delighted to have been asked by the lovely people at Magical Maths to guest blog a little about the thinking behind DoodleMaths. We very much appreciate the opportunity to write a little bit about our motivation for developing

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Help! How to get My Maths on Iphone or Ipad?

My Maths on Ipad or Iphone So you are one of the many pupils and teachers looking to get MyMaths working on your iphone or ipad. For many years due to lack of support of flash on apple devices  MyMaths

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The SECRET to easily Learn your 13 times table, 14 times table, 15 times table, 16 times table. . . . . ! Mind Blowing!

Learning your 13 times table 14 times table

Maths Trick – Learning your 13, 14, 15, 16,17,18,19,20 times table Are you looking to challenge the most able in your class or want to develop mathematical confidence of your learners? This is a great Maths trick to easily remember

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Download a times table chart to help memorize your Math times tables! >> Useful!

table picture image clipart

Why use a Times table chart? A times table chart is a resource that should be up in any Mathematics classroom or child’s bedroom. This resource will ensure that learners can refer to the appropriate times table when practising and

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How to solve Math word problems? >> It is that easy!

How to solve Math word problems? If you are looking for a better way to solve Math word problems, then you have come to the right web page. You might be a pupil looking to develop this skill, or a

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Take a look at “Engaging Eyes” >> A way in which to help with struggling readers!!

Guestblogger: @EngagingEyes Are you worried about how your child or pupil’s will do in the SATs reading test on Monday? Are you worried they won’t read it carefully, or won’t finish on time? SATs is the only formal way we test

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“Dear Mr Gove” by Jess Green >> A Perfect Piece of Performance Poetry >> Must Watch!

mr gove poetry

“Dear Mr Gove” by Jess Green >> A Perfect Piece of Performance Poetry >> Must Watch! I came across this amazing piece of performance poetry that I think you should watch and share. Forget about the important message it sends

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Why Learning your multiplication times tables off by heart is rubbish! >> Absolute Rubbish!

Guest blogger: @simonmlewis Comments are FREE. Please leave one below. I think that learning tables off by heart is rubbish. When I say this, it is usually met with general disagreement and in some cases, complete contempt. Typical responses included: There

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How do I study smarter and not harder? Learn more and study less! Wow!

Does revision revision revision really work or are the ways to  study smarter and not harder ? You may have looked at the top tips for studying and are little frustrated but what if there was a optimal way of study

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Oh no, not another GCSE Maths Revision App for the iphone …. or is it? What do you think?

GCSE Maths Revision App Here is a great GCSE Maths Revision App for the iphone that focuses on the D to C borderline question material. It is a great way for pupils to quickly revise through the key topics that

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Is this finally the solution to solving the curse of homework? Your views?

top excuses for not doing homework 4

#teammagicalmaths: @EP3577 The Curse of Homework Twitter and the blogosphere are always awash with different educational hot potatoes; Ofsted, (graded) lesson observations, performance related pay, the value of group work are all topics and themes from just the first 3 days

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How to get your kids into a Grammar Independent School? Great preparation advice in “11 plus Exams” – Parents! Get a Grip”

Advice for the 11 plus So your child is in the process of preparing for the 11 plus exams and you are worried about what to do, when to do it and most importantly how to do it. “11 plus

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