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You will be amazed with what happens when kids play this times tables game!

How close to 100

Times tables games for kids This is a great way to get pupils to practice their times tables and become more fluent in their understanding and recall of times tables facts. The game is very simple and just requires a

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Start a Maths lesson with a football penalty shoot out! GOOOOAAALLL!

football and maths

Football and Maths All credit goes to who created these great resources. I used the games below with a low ability group to celebrate the start of the recent world cup and it went down a treat. A great atmosphere

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Top Tips to find Great Maths Resources online! Useful Advice!

maths education

Guestblogger:  @cincottapeter I’ve just had my 50th birthday and I am completing my 26th year in the education field.  The differences between today and when I began teaching are certainly many.  One of these is the vast amount of great

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Are you ready to take an Adventure?…. A Maths adventure!

Guest Blogger: @WizenWorld WizenWorld is a free math adventure game for 3rd to 8th graders. This Zelda-style game requires students to explore exciting new worlds, and use their math skills to defeat the bad guys. The game maintains a strong focus

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OMG! This is probably the best way to get your kids to practice their Maths times tables! Flappy Maths!

flappy math

Math Game I came across this on twitter and had to post it on the site! I will put my hands up and admit that I was addicted to flappy birds for a week or two (Highest score 98). So

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Have you seen these two Innovative FREE online games to support maths at EYFS & KS1?

woman playing computer game

Guest Blogger: ShrekTheTeacher Having struggled to find any maths games that children go back to again and again, I have created two myself that I hope will make a difference… I have focussed on recognising numerals, matching them with quantities, and

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The addictive way to past your time! Pop bubble wrap as a reward at the end of a lesson!

Popping and playing with bubble wrap is a popular past time for many and this is an addictive resource that will keep you busy for hours and hours! Why not use this as a reward at the end of a

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Shoot the shape game to identifying common 2D geometric shapes, simple but addictive!

This is another simple but addictive game created by This would make a great starter or plenary in a lesson. You could even get learners to play this as a starter in a lesson in an ICT suite. Please

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Do not forget to use this memory game during your festive lessons, treemendous!

Thanks to for another great resource that you can use during your festive lessons! It is brilliant little starter or plenary to develop memory skills. You can use this in a computer room or bring this up on the

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Have you seen this Virtual Math ToyBox? Mathbreakers!

Have you seen this Virtual Math ToyBox? Mathbreakers! What if all of mathematics, from counting to Calculus, could be represented in a cohesive, fun, action-packed world? That’s exactly what we’ve set out to do with our first title, Mathbreakers! In

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Such a simple addition and subtraction game but yet so effective at improving Addition and Subtraction! Warning: Addictive!

Online Math Games The use of Math games are proving to be a hit in educational environments across the globe. Teachers and parents are finding that the use of Math games is a way in which you can get your

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Probably the “flashiest” way to practice and help the learning of times tables, fun fun fun!

Learning Times Tables This is another great resource from that I have used to get learners to learn times tables. I use this as a starter in a lesson or in a ICT suite and hold competitions to who

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A great game you will never forget to help develop memory skills! Blind Noughts and Crosses!

Blind Noughts and Crosses is a great game that can be used to develop learners’ memory. It can be used as a starter or plenary to any lesson and can be played in many different ways. I have found that

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I bet you can not beat the highest score, #whackthegove!

michael gove image picture clipart

Sorry Mister Gove, just a little bit of harmless fun!! Make sure you post your highest score below or tweet it to @magicalmaths I bet you can not beat the highest score, whack the Gove!  

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Practice Makes Perfect! Math On Track

Practice makes perfect! Ask any sports person. Practice re-enforces concepts, decreases reaction time and improves confidence. The feeling of “I have done this before” is a powerful one. The tenet applies as much to basic math as it does to

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