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Modern Day Pin-ups: Are the Days of Learning Displays numbered?

teacher display fail funny

#TeamMagicalEducators: @honeypisquared Are the Days of Learning Displays numbered? We’re all guilty of it.  You walk into a fellow teacher’s classroom – or the one your own children are taught in –  and the first thing you notice is the brightly-coloured

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Why Santa works as hard as teachers during the Christmas period!

santa sleigh

        Santa Maths Santa asked #teammagicalmaths to do some Maths for him early this month and results are very interesting. Whether you are on the naughty or nice list you would agree he works damn hard over

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What are the EdExcel GCSE Linear Mathematics 1MA0 November 2015 Grade Boundaries and Mark Schemes?

What are the EdExcel GCSE Linear Mathematics 1MA0 November 2015 Grade Boundaries and Mark Scheme? The Grade boundaries are finally out! See below for more information. You can also check out the other grade boundaries that are available on the site.

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How many decimal places can you remember pi to?

How many decimal places can your remember pi to

Remember pi As Piscine does in the best selling book, “life of Pi”,  are ready to take up the challenge to try and remember Pi to the greatest number of decimal places? Why not challenge your pupils to develop their

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How do you Demonstrate Mastery Across the Primary Maths Curriculum?

maths debugging

Guestblogger: MrGPrimary Primary Mathematics – The Trainee Teacher viewpoint… As a trainee entering the world of teaching, mastery maths has been an exciting development in my school.  The ability to extend all the students through provision of challenge activities has had

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Have you seen Qwizdom Oktopus? The Student Collaboration Software!


Guestblogger: TanyaDeMots Introduction: What is Oktopus? Oktopus is a multi-purpose software designed for touch displays, interactive whiteboards and projectors. Just like its cephalopod mollusk namesake, Oktopus is able to reach out and grab student attention from many directions. Extending its long

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OMG! Why was I not shown this in Maths class? Column Subtraction Made Easy!

Column Subtraction Borrow From Next Door

Column Subtraction Made Simple What a wonderful way of making column subtraction simple for any pupil who is finding it challenging. It is so simple but yet so effective!

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The best viral factorial BIDMAS BODMAS question starter ever!

factorial bidmas bodmas question

The answer, solution and reasoning to the Factorial BIDMAS question starter  This order of operations question is taking twitter by storm and has been shared hundreds of times on the magical maths timeline. The solution to this question is straight forward

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I bet you this video will make you feel like a right Muppet!

The story behind bottled water

The story of bottled water – a manufactured demand! The video below makes an engaging starter, assembly theme, or form discussion about the how we have been manipulated to desire bottled water over the conventional supply of tap water. A

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Do you hear “bar” or “far”, look at each side and decide?


The “Bar” or “Far” Experiment The Bar or Far experiment makes a nice starter to any lesson and illustrates the power of our senses. What you see below is the called the The McGurk effect. It is a demonstration of how

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When Mathematicians do haircuts – “1/2 Off Haircuts” [VIDEO]

half price hair cut funny image

1/2 Off Haircuts or Zeno’s Hairodox The original picture by JeFFMuMM was one of the most retweeted images on the magical maths timeline on twitter. I was really happy to hear from Jeff himself that there is now an animated version of

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The greatest growth mindset video ever! The power of yet!


The Power of Yet This is a great video to watch if you are researching the power of growth mindsets and the power of yet. Carol S. Dweck’s research focuses on why students succeed and how to foster their success.

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Can you draw a triangle with 3 right angles?

Can you draw a triangle with 3 right angles? This makes a great starter or challenge question to any Maths lesson. Is this possible? Why is it not possible? but then….. This solution works great on a balloon and easy

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Imagine if we treated teachers like they were football stars! Pass this on to a teacher!

teacher rock star

Teachers like football stars This is a classic buzz feed video about how it would possibly be like if we treated teachers like super stars. It  is pretty funny and needs to be passed on to all your teacher friends

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You will be inspired with this simple way in which this boy dealt with his bullies? WOW!

beat bullying in schools

Beat Bullying in Schools This is truly an inspiring story about how a simple act of kindness changed the way a whole school behaved. This made a great form time discussion and I have also played it as a starter

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