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Who is the Secret Walker in your classroom? —

#teammagicaleducator @samschoolstuff Who is the Secret Walker in your classroom? Let’s get this straight from the start, what follows is not my original idea. Like most teachers, I consciously and unconsciously soak up ideas from colleagues, the internet and, well, anywhere really. I only wish I could give full credit to the person who I got […]

Detention! Does it really work? —

Guestblogger: bcripps078 Someone recently asked about how schools are using detentions. This led me to consider how far the school I teach in has progressed in the last 10 years. I teach in a high school in Belfast. When I began teaching there, one hour detentions were very common and staff were on a rota to […]

How do I manage pupil behaviour? —

There is no one solution to this and success will depend on school, class, pupil, environment, your mood and a whole host of factors! It is important that you analyse your school’s behaviour management policy but the following discipline policy sanctions can be highlighted;  Give extra work to be completed after school or at home. […]