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Who is the Secret Walker in your classroom?

#teammagicaleducator @samschoolstuff Who is the Secret Walker in your classroom? Let’s get this straight from the start, what follows is not my original idea. Like most teachers, I consciously and unconsciously soak up ideas from colleagues, the internet and, well, anywhere

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Detention! Does it really work?

detentions does it work

Guestblogger: bcripps078 Someone recently asked about how schools are using detentions. This led me to consider how far the school I teach in has progressed in the last 10 years. I teach in a high school in Belfast. When I began

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‘Rate my Focus’ – understanding and taking ownership to help learning excel in Maths.

focus image picture

Guest Blogger: @MrJPWalton ‘Rate my Focus’ – an idea to help children activate their understanding of, and take ownership of their focus in lessons. This term I have decided to challenge my wonderful Y6 Maths class to develop the amount of time

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Why Math Mindsets are so important! >> A magical read!

Guestblogger: @caralatte A lot has been said in the States about Common Core and the confusing math concepts being presented. I have many problems with Common Core, even though I teach in a state that does not use it. The

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Funny Stories about how children say the funniest things! Awwwwww!

Guest Blog: Chris Dunn @ShrekTheTeacher We’ve been learning about ‘People who help us’ this week, including Police Officers and Traffic Wardens.  I took the opportunity to link one of my classes favourite activities, riding the trikes, to one of the stranger learning

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Do you set high expectations? Great ideas for classroom rules!!!

high expectations

Here are some great ideas that I am not going to take credit for to make sure that you set high expectations right from the start of the year. Setting expectations and boundaries are key to ensuring that behaviour for

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How do I manage pupil behaviour?

There is no one solution to this and success will depend on school, class, pupil, environment, your mood and a whole host of factors! It is important that you analyse your school’s behaviour management policy but the following discipline policy

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