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Top 5 ways to Differentiate in Computing

computing women

Top 5 ways to Differentiate in Computing There are many ways that I differentiate in my computing lessons. Below is a great summary of the different ways with examples that you could differentiate in your computing lessons. 1. Differentiation by

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Endless Immensity – A Creative Approach to Teaching Calculation

A creative approach

NJLury Endless Immensity Why do some people fear maths? I’ve witnessed the heart-breaking moment a pupil is brought to tears in front of the class when asked a maths question, heard parent after parent say ‘Oh I was never any

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Modern Day Pin-ups: Are the Days of Learning Displays numbered?

teacher display fail funny

#TeamMagicalEducators: @honeypisquared Are the Days of Learning Displays numbered? We’re all guilty of it.  You walk into a fellow teacher’s classroom – or the one your own children are taught in –  and the first thing you notice is the brightly-coloured

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Why Santa works as hard as teachers during the Christmas period!

santa sleigh

        Santa Maths Santa asked #teammagicalmaths to do some Maths for him early this month and results are very interesting. Whether you are on the naughty or nice list you would agree he works damn hard over

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How do you Design an Outstanding Maths Curriculum?

maths design

Guestblogger: @MikeFoster54 How do you Design an Outstanding Maths Curriculum? “So how you are developing deepened learning in the new curriculum?” was the question I was asked whilst walking a consultant HMI around school. Still to this day, it passes through

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Using the Famous 5 For Easy Gains in the Classroom

famous five

Guestblogger: @mccreaemma The Famous 5 I was encouraged by a story on Staffrm to share the little things we do in our classrooms that are easy to implement and have immediate impact. Thus I shared a little known strategy I use

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Have you seen the must have app all teachers can try for FREE?

maths tutor image

Guestblogger: DaydreamEdu Maths Tutor In this day and age, with technology playing a much larger part in schools, it can be difficult to find resources that facilitate learning in an effective manner. There are thousands of apps available to choose from,

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How do you Demonstrate Mastery Across the Primary Maths Curriculum?

maths debugging

Guestblogger: MrGPrimary Primary Mathematics – The Trainee Teacher viewpoint… As a trainee entering the world of teaching, mastery maths has been an exciting development in my school.  The ability to extend all the students through provision of challenge activities has had

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Have you seen Qwizdom Oktopus? The Student Collaboration Software!


Guestblogger: TanyaDeMots Introduction: What is Oktopus? Oktopus is a multi-purpose software designed for touch displays, interactive whiteboards and projectors. Just like its cephalopod mollusk namesake, Oktopus is able to reach out and grab student attention from many directions. Extending its long

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Detention! Does it really work?

detentions does it work

Guestblogger: bcripps078 Someone recently asked about how schools are using detentions. This led me to consider how far the school I teach in has progressed in the last 10 years. I teach in a high school in Belfast. When I began

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What if the world were a village?

The world as 100 people

What if the world were a village? A great activity with shrunk-down statistics to help students understand the “Global Village”. The students look into what the world’s population would look like if we represented it as a village of 100

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The Engaging School Assembly Challenge!

maths and one direction

Guestblogger: @AssemblyTube The Engaging Assembly Challenge! Thirty seven years teaching in large Comprehensive Schools, including 21 years as a Deputy Head, have taught me that creating engaging Assemblies is harder than most people realise. Anyone with enough bravado can stand in

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Maths is pointless! I have never been any good at Maths!

maths is pointless

Guestblogger: @TeaKayB How Can You Help Your Children Learn Maths? I’ve never been any good at maths. Maths is pointless! The above statement* is, in my opinion, the single most damaging thing affecting mathematics education today, for two reasons: 1. It’s

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Are you ready to rock?

you rock you rule

Guestblogger: @the_ttrust Are you ready to rock? At school, I can honestly say the subject I dreaded most was always maths, fearing those square ruled pages and an hour of “if X = 1, Y must = ????”.  Now, 20 years

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Have you ever tried to make the ordinary, extraordinary in Maths?

maths and noodles

Guestblogger: @tessmaths Noodles, Knitting and Gaffer Tape As a Teacher Trainer and rabid Tweeter Teacher I am always “magpieing” ideas and suggestions or chipping in with my own thoughts and ideas for others…”have you seen this “or “try this out”. One

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