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Educating Ruby – Guy Claxton and Bill Lucas —

Guest blogger: GuyClaxton Educating Ruby The school curriculum consists of several different kinds of things: things that are intrinsically interesting (to all young people of a certain age); things that can be made interesting by a good teacher; things that are self-evidently useful; things that, while neither useful or interesting in their own right, are effective […]

Have you read what the Department of Education DFE has to say about the new Mathematics curriculum? —

GuestBlogger: DfE ‏@educationgovuk  A powerful instrument of knowledge Mathematics is unique – as a systematic and coherent discipline, with a special place as “a powerful instrument of knowledge” (Descartes).  It is fundamental to science and many other areas of scholarship and practice.  The medieval philosopher Roger Bacon declared: “Neglect of mathematics works injury to all knowledge, since […]