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Six Alternative Ways to Improve at Maths —

Chances are you’ve heard the phrase, “Maths is boring”. When people think of Maths, they normally think it’s all about complicated numbers and equations. However, there is much more to Maths than meets the eye. You get to learn about how the world works, how buildings are made, and even how bees make honey. (Yes, […]

Top Tips for Teachers —

Every teacher is required to have a college or university level degree as well as several months of work experience through in-school placements before they can start their teaching careers. Despite having all of this prior experience, it doesn’t make starting your first teaching job any less daunting. It can be scary standing up in […]

What to Know Before Going into Teaching —

Teaching is a time-consuming position, but it is also a noble industry because you are impacting the next generation. There are several things you should think about before you decide to make this your career path. Becoming Educated Often, the educational path to becoming a teacher is a grueling one. It will depend on the […]

What You Can Do with an Education Degree —

Getting a degree in education allows for a large possibility of careers. While many automatically think of teaching, there are plenty of other job opportunities that go behind the scenes of a typical classroom environment, including those that deal with leadership, policy and curriculum design. As such, choosing a career path in education means pinpointing […]

How Teachers Can Stay Safe Online: A Cybersecurity Guide —

Introduction This past year has seen cybercriminals target institution after institution, hospital after hospital. Unfortunately, not even schools are safe from cybercriminals. From colleges to elementary schools, cybercriminals have begun targeting schools, students, and teachers. Data breaches, malware infections, leaked records: there’s no limit to the damage cybercriminals can cause. As a teacher, you may […]

8 Ways to Reduce Stress at College —

Many students claim that college times are stressful. Yet, they acknowledge the fact that they are happy to be students. How is that even possible? Studying is not easy. You are obliged to read long and often boring course materials, complete tasks, take exams, and write essays. All that comes with strict deadlines and punishments […]