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What are the EdExcel GCSE Linear Mathematics 1MA0 November 2015 Grade Boundaries and Mark Schemes?

What are the EdExcel GCSE Linear Mathematics 1MA0 November 2015 Grade Boundaries and Mark Scheme? The Grade boundaries are finally out! See below for more information. You can also check out the other grade boundaries that are available on the site.

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Download FREE Edexcel A Level Maths Past Papers and Mark Schemes

Edexcel A level Maths Past Papers Below is some direct links to EdExcel A Level past paper and their corresponding mark schemes. Please contact us if you require any other papers. Comments are FREE, please leave one below.   Core

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What are the AQA GCSE Linear Mathematics November 2014 Grade Boundaries and Mark Schemes?

What are the AQA GCSE Linear Mathematics 1MA0 November 2014 Grade Boundaries and Mark Schemes? The results for this year November entries have been very interesting and the national figures show an interesting global picture. Comments are FREE. Please share your

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Times Tables Tricks, Cheats and Games eBook

Times Tables Tricks, Cheats & Games eBook The knowledge of times tables is one of major fundamentals for anyone to be able to progress in Mathematics. Research has shown that one of the main reasons why kids struggle with their

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Times Tables Tricks, Cheats and Games Thank You!

THANK YOU FOR MAKING A SUCCESSFUL PURCHASE! You should get an email shortly with a password allowing you to successfully open the eBook! You can now download the document. Contact  Details For any information on the product or if you

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I bet you have not tried the online version of the UKMT Maths Challenge! What a Challenge!

Guest Blogger: @mathstermaths UK Maths Challenge Here is the latest free offering from Mathster – a UKMT Maths Challenge online quiz using original Maths Challenge questions from over the last 6 years. Fantastic for students to practice at home, select your level

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Start your Math lesson with a problem using the current DATE! What a quick win! #shareamathsstarter

time savers for teachers

Guest Blogger: @japleen_kaur1 Share a Maths Starter I always set date maths as a starter for my classes. The students have to use all of the digits in today’s date to make numbers from 1 to 30. They can use any

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How to get a teacher discount when buying ms office 2007 for home! Please share!

How to get a teacher discount when buying ms office! Please share! So you are looking to buy ms office 2007 for windows and want to get a teacher discount. You can try to purchase the student version especially if

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How to be the best Math Problem Solver? Get all your Math Problems solved for FREE!

How to be the best Math Problem Solver?  If you are looking to be a better Math problem solver then you have come to the right place. You will find a number of ways in which you can use some

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Top 25 GCSE Revision YouTube Channels

Guestblogger: @RevisionUnivers One of the most interesting and innovative revision methods for GCSE and A-Level examinations is watching tutorials and videos on YouTube Channels. The benefits are obvious: visual explanation; ability to learn at your own pace and possible interaction between

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Could we soon have paperless Maths lessons in all classrooms? Very interesting read!

Guestblogger: @ICT_with_MrD With the KS2 SATs looming next week, I thought that I would share some of the methods I have used that I feel have been invaluable during the run up to the tests. I have been a Year 6

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The best way to crack Level 6 Maths at Primary School KS2! >> Great Advice!


Guest blogger: @tambotaylor Level 6 Maths Two years ago I took over as headteacher of Park Hill Primary school in Coventry and like all schools it had its strengths and areas for development. One particular area that needed fine tuning was

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How to cheat or hack MyMathLab Homework? :: UPDATED ::

There are number of ways available to cheat or hack the MyMathLab system, but it is worth noting that a number of the problems have already been resolved by the MyMathLab team. However, there are still a few loop holes

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Have you seen this innovative new adventure iBook for iPad to support maths in Early Years KS1?

Guest Blogger: Chris Dunn @ShrekTheTeacher Tiny Bob’s Adventurous Counting has been written creatively to support maths in Early Years and Key Stage 1. It’s a very interactive book on Apple’s iBooks store, and can be used on any iPad or Mac computer…

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Thank you for your kind Donation to Magical Maths! #teammagicalmaths

Thank you for your kind Donation to Magical Maths, it really will help in making sure the website stays up and running!! If you have any specific requests please do not hesitate to email me directly on and I

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