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Can I colour Maths?

#teammagicalmaths @MrLsMathsApps Can I colour Maths? The children in my class always love it when I connect the Ipad to the projector and then know we are going to play a game (if we had a class set of Ipads I

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Brand New 2016 Qualification ‘Core Maths’ Revision Videos!

core maths

#teammagicalmaths @MrGordonMaths Brand New 2016 Qualification ‘Core Maths’ Revision Videos A new Level 3 qualification for work, study and life. Official account – DfE #CoreMaths Support Programme run by EdDevTrust –  @thecmsp The new ‘Core Maths’ qualifications are designed to better prepare students for

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10 reasons why children should blog

#teammagicaeducators lisasavage23 10 reasons why children should be blogging There are usually two camps of people when it comes to blogging in school – those who love it and those who hate it. It’s a bit like marmite. Here are ten reasons

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How do you Demonstrate Mastery Across the Primary Maths Curriculum?

Guestblogger: MrGPrimary Primary Mathematics – The Trainee Teacher viewpoint… As a trainee entering the world of teaching, mastery maths has been an exciting development in my school.  The ability to extend all the students through provision of challenge activities has had

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An Introduction to BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

bring your own device boyd in schools

Guest Blogger: @hrogerson An Introduction to BYOD – Bring Your Own Device At Easter 2014 our parents were asked to get ready to provide their daughters with an iPad ready to start term in September. I was very excited about this.

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WOW! Download the iVisualiser app and turn your Ipad into a visualiser!

GuestBlogger: @alanpeat Download the iVisualiser App and turn your Ipad into a Visualiser iVisualiser is the perfect presentation tool for both education and industry alike. Carefully designed to be incredibly simple to use, iVisualiser is a powerful app for collaboration, still-image

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Real all about the the Journey of Primary Apps! Itunes and Android!

Guest Blogger:  @primaryapps Primary Apps on Itunes and Android Getting an educational app on to the Apple Store is quite a journey and I’m hoping that through the reading of this post, it might give you an insight into how Primary

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I bet you have not tried the online version of the UKMT Maths Challenge! What a Challenge!

Guest Blogger: @mathstermaths UK Maths Challenge Here is the latest free offering from Mathster – a UKMT Maths Challenge online quiz using original Maths Challenge questions from over the last 6 years. Fantastic for students to practice at home, select your level

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A truly visual teacher resource for a lesson on Prime Numbers, LCM and HCF!

Guest Blogger: @mathstermaths From the very nice people at Mathster comes two very visual ways of explaining two of the most complicated routines in Maths – finding the LCM and HCF of two or more numbers using Prime Factors. These are

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Have you seen this big calculator online? Free to download and use interactively in the classroom!


Guest Blogger: @malc_henderson Free Online Graphing Calculator When I started teaching my students how to use their calculator, standing at the front of the class holding one in my hands and asking them to find this button and that button.

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Mathster – Is this the MyMaths killer?

Guestblogger: @mathstermaths Mathster is a brand new website launched at the end of last year. Aimed at UK curriculum mathematics from primary to secondary, the site was nominated for a BETT award within a month of its release. Here is a

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Are you ready to take an Adventure?…. A Maths adventure!

Guest Blogger: @WizenWorld WizenWorld is a free math adventure game for 3rd to 8th graders. This Zelda-style game requires students to explore exciting new worlds, and use their math skills to defeat the bad guys. The game maintains a strong focus

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Have you seen these two Innovative FREE online games to support maths at EYFS & KS1?

woman playing computer game

Guest Blogger: ShrekTheTeacher Having struggled to find any maths games that children go back to again and again, I have created two myself that I hope will make a difference… I have focussed on recognising numerals, matching them with quantities, and

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Such a simple addition and subtraction game but yet so effective at improving Addition and Subtraction! Warning: Addictive!

Online Math Games The use of Math games are proving to be a hit in educational environments across the globe. Teachers and parents are finding that the use of Math games is a way in which you can get your

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The Top 3 Benefits of Video 4 Learning, worth sharing!

This guest post was written by Eddie Woo, a high school mathematics teacher from Sydney, Australia who films his lessons and publishes them for free on Youtube. Youtube: Twitter: @misterwootube  Facebook: When I started out as a teacher in 2008,

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