The SECRET to easily Learn your 13 times table, 14 times table, 15 times table, 16 times table. . . . . ! Mind Blowing!

The SECRET to easily Learn your 13 times table, 14 times table, 15 times table, 16 times table. . . . . ! Mind Blowing!

Maths Trick – Learning your 13, 14, 15, 16,17,18,19,20 times table

Are you looking to challenge the most able in your class or want to develop mathematical confidence of your learners? This is a great Maths trick to easily remember your times tables from 13 to 20. You might have come across the hints and tips to remember your standard times tables and found this very effective but I find when I show learners this method to learning your 13 to 20 times tables, it just simply blows them away!

It is very important to note that learners should not write anything down when using this method to learn their 13 to 20 times table. Try to get them to this in their heads to help develop mental Maths skills. Go through the example below with them and then get them to practice loads of questions from the 13 to 20 times table in their heads. Practice Practice Practice, this is KEY!!!

This makes an amazing lesson starter and I remember the first time I showed a learner the ability to remember their 13 times table, it was truly heart warming. I could see it, in their eyes the happiness that it gave them. The process shows to the “not so confident” Mathematician that a bit of resilience and few Maths tricks that anyone can be great at Maths!

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Example of quick method to Learn your 13, 14, 15, 16,17,18,19,20 times table

Learning your 13 times table 14 times table

This is how easy and effective this process is and you can apply it to any numbers between 10 and 20!

Let’s try 18 x 16.

  • 18 + 6 = 24. Add a zero to the end of 24 makes 240.
  • 8 x 6 = 48
  • 240 + 48 = 288!!! Mind Blowing!

Get Learners to practice practice practice!!! Try these;

18 x 13
13 x 16
17 x 18
17 x 15
12 x 19

Another method of  learning your 13 times table
If you enjoyed using the resource above then make sure to check out the games and tricks available to help develop, practice and learn times tables skills.


You can also download this truly amazing 13-20 times tables race challenge worksheet. Print it off and give it to learners as a starter or get it laminated and reuse on a regular basis. The times table worksheet allows learners to practice their 13 to 20 times tables racing 13-20 times table challenge worksheet

Check out the times tables below, the second one is the best!

[cycloneslider id=”times-table-chart”]

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45 comments on “The SECRET to easily Learn your 13 times table, 14 times table, 15 times table, 16 times table. . . . . ! Mind Blowing!
  1. Varun says:


  2. george says:

    amazing thx

  3. minahil says:

    A very awesome website ever seen

  4. Abhishek says:

    not working if unit digit of any of two numbers is 0
    plz tell me solution on my mail

  5. Astaria Rosewood says:

    WHAT? This is not at all helpful. You cannot learn the times tables by simply using tricks. We whould be able to learn it in a fun and easy way. My teacher does not use this method, yet she taught me my tables to twelve quite fluently! Shameful.
    It is my holidays and I was hoping to learn the tables to 15 beforehand, so it would be easy. But this was not at all helpful.

  6. aastha biswal says:

    nt at all hlpful…need sum gud techniques to learn table…

  7. I need this trìck for my competition helding in my coaching but i think when i put this trick someone else will answer so this trick is not helpful for me

  8. naveen says:

    good stuff..keep posting admin..good luck

  9. Magical unicorn says:

    it is so helpful. I understand it now.

  10. Purple lemon says:

    This really help me memorize the times tables 12-15 thanks so much!

  11. not helpful there is only 3 sec to answer and i cant do this trick in three sec so this trick is not useful for me andi think for u also

  12. Gopal Agarwal says:

    WO what a great technique

  13. sam bux says:

    wow!!!! i am 33 years old and needing to take an exam for higher education course and this ONE trick has cut out months of revision for me!!! i was gona learn them all verbatim…from 11 to 20 timestable and now THANKS TO YOU SIR i dont need to! this really works this method. its so easy to do and i can work it out on paper just to check my anser in an exam….ur awesome! may God bless u a thousand times over putting up this resource for free to help people like me who started with maths later in life….u have done an amazing thing by sharing this fantastic and quick technique. My full GRATITUDE to you 🙂

  14. aaaaaaaaaaa says:

    i like the way

  15. good but i want tables from 20 to 30

  16. vineetha says:

    Its really amazing

  17. Ashley says:

    My tutor recommended I learn my 12-15 times tables for the GMAT exam. Got to say, I’m impressed – this is a lot easier than chanting!

  18. Gundu says:

    Thank you so much

  19. Unicorncob says:

    Thank you for this math trick! I am so grateful. I used to struggle with math and relied on a calculator. Now I’m 26, and only began appreciating math about a year ago. I still get the thought that I need a calculator, but then I go, no wait I can do this in my head! I feel proud!

  20. unigirl21 says:

    not very helpful. this is because i need to learn the 13,14,15,16,17,18,19 and twenty times tables for my kumon. kumon is very hard but at least in two weeks i will be done from it. this is why because on one piece of work you get it has like 13,14 and 15 times table on there for you that you have to do. but thxs for trying:)

  21. aditya says:

    hey gaurav sharma if u watn yo give answer in 3 second then u have to learn table

  22. vinoth says:

    great knowledge kindly provide for 20 tables onward

  23. Riniel says:

    Please also do “how to multiply 1 digit numbers with 2 digit numbers” and also “how to learn your 21 to 29 times table ” and also I loved it

  24. Sana ahmed says:

    Good…but it will take a little time if they ask dodging multiplication…🤗

  25. happy says:

    Really enjoyed this. Do you have any other similar tips but for the larger numbers like 879 x 983? I want to future proof my kid 🙂

  26. Spencer says:

    What about the one digit numbers?
    How do u do those

  27. krish says:

    Excellent I love this

  28. bob says:

    can this trick go over twenty times tables

  29. Karen says:

    If my brain is working to compute the total, then I haven’t LEARNED my times tables. I need to learn them. Mind blowing to students may be to see how fast they’re able to memorize them, with a little concentrated effort. Thanks.

  30. hema says:

    MY child absouloetly loves this thank you very much

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