Do you know how to square large numbers that end in 5? Mind Blown!

Do you know how to square large numbers that end in 5? Mind Blown!

What is the Activity?

The squaring of a number that ends in 5 activity can be used to develop the teaching and learning of multiplication across a range of abilities. It serves as a little but if fun to start or end a lesson. Even use to impress your friends at dinner parties. Look at the example below to see how it is done. 

Please leave a comment on how you use the resource in the comments section below. What is your favourite method for multiplication and squaring numbers, and do not say a calculator?

How can it be used?

  • Starter Task.
  • Main Task.
  • Plenary Task.
  • Get learners to test this method on larger numbers that end with 5.
  • Use the method a part of a more challenging topic on number.
  • Can be used in any lesson across a range of different subjects.

How does it impact Teaching and Learning?

  • Task and lesson becomes highly engaging and accessible.
  • Can be used as an introduction to a more challenging topic.
  • Can show learners that squaring big large numbers can be made easy.
  • Makes the activity or lesson fun and memorable.

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