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Brand New 2016 Qualification ‘Core Maths’ Revision Videos!

core maths

#teammagicalmaths @MrGordonMaths Brand New 2016 Qualification ‘Core Maths’ Revision Videos A new Level 3 qualification for work, study and life. Official account – DfE #CoreMaths Support Programme run by EdDevTrust –  @thecmsp The new ‘Core Maths’ qualifications are designed to better prepare students for

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Are you making your pupils scratch where there is no itch? Great Read!

itchi mage

Guest Blogger: @thenumberverse  NEED BEFORE FEED: I Don’t Have A Question For Your Answer. How well should we expect pupils to listen, engage, and try? Why should they, over and above a sense of duty? Let’s say you start a lesson

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Have you seen the top 10 funny school signs? You have to see the second one! >> Worth a share methinks!

funny school signs

Funny Signs at School Now everyone loves a school getting things wrong especially when it comes to funny signs around the building. We have got together from picture “uploaders” across the spectrum of social networking and come up with the

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Have you thought about using twitter in the classroom? Social media, #hashtags and the Maths classroom!

why every teacher educator should be using twitter

Guest Blogger:  @mr_g_walton Using Twitter In The Classroom So we all use Twitter, right? It’s a great place to share ideas, collaborate in a virtual staff room, find out about events, etc.  But in the run up to the last

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Why Math Mindsets are so important! >> A magical read!

Guestblogger: @caralatte A lot has been said in the States about Common Core and the confusing math concepts being presented. I have many problems with Common Core, even though I teach in a state that does not use it. The

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Why not do the Teacher Shake! A great way to do reflection activities!

Guest Blogger @DaleSidebottom This is the ultimate resource for classroom teachers. Inside the Teacher Shake App you will find over 100 lesson starters, and 35 debrief and reflection activities to conclude your lessons. A majority of the lesson starters will last

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How do I work effectively with my Teaching Learning Support Assistant in the classroom? #classroomteam

Making sure that you work effectively with your Teacher Assistant  or Learning Support Assistant is paramount to success in the classroom. There are many things to consider when planning and delivering a lesson that involves support. Building a good relationship

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Top 10 classroom displays for pupil learning with a twist! How are your classroom displays?

pupil classroom teacher wall display 2

How are your classroom displays? Are you looking for ideas for classroom displays? Here we have the top 10 classroom pupil wall displays but with a little twist! After coming across quite a few pupil classroom displays around the world,

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Have you seen “50 Great Activities for any Classroom”?

50 great activities for any classroom

Guest Blogger: @InteractMaths 50 Great Activities for any Classroom I am a huge fan of making use of technology in the classroom. So much so, that I set up my own website ( which I am filling with random question generators

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Math Teachers in our Data-Driven World

Network and stay connected Top 5 things to keep you inspired and motivated in teaching

Does your school have data teams and PLCs? Analyzing student performance and planning strategies for improved instruction are huge right now. A critical missing piece is the stated role of the math teacher in these data discussions. What if schools

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A must show to all your pupils, what any 15 year old could achieve! Inspiring!


A must show to all your pupils, what any 15 year old could achieve! Inspiring! This video should be shown to all your pupils to demonstrate the power of an idea, resilience and the internet. Jack Andraka is now 16

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What is your favourite Albert Einstein Quote? :: UPDATED ::

Select your best Einstein Quote We all love an Einstein quote so please find below some of the most inspiring Albert Einstein quotes on the internet. I have a Einstein quote on all the display boards in my classroom and

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Why you should always have a world map in your class room! Download a free world map image clipart picture


World Map in Your Classroom This blog entry tries to answer the question to why all educators should  have a world map displayed in their class rooms. If you do not have one download a free world map image clipart

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Why you should always start the day with a good morning – Good Morning Image Picture Clipart


Good Morning Always start your day with a good morning to your classes. Tell them it is going to be  a great day, mention the weather, talk about how brilliant they are, remind them that they matter and every day

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How do I set homework for my pupils?

Homework is paramount to ensure learners consolidate learning in the classroom. Through observing other teachers and advice I have developed the following strategies when setting homework; Do not set homework for the sake of setting homework Homework should consolidate learning

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