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How do I work effectively with my Teaching Learning Support Assistant in the classroom? #classroomteam —

Making sure that you work effectively with your Teacher Assistant  or Learning Support Assistant is paramount to success in the classroom. There are many things to consider when planning and delivering a lesson that involves support. Building a good relationship with your teaching assistant and making them feel part of your team of delivering learning […]

Math Teachers in our Data-Driven World —

Does your school have data teams and PLCs? Analyzing student performance and planning strategies for improved instruction are huge right now. A critical missing piece is the stated role of the math teacher in these data discussions. What if schools tapped the talents of math teachers to work with staff on interpreting student scores? What […]

How do I set homework for my pupils? —

Homework is paramount to ensure learners consolidate learning in the classroom. Through observing other teachers and advice I have developed the following strategies when setting homework; Do not set homework for the sake of setting homework Homework should consolidate learning in the classroom Make sure you set a maximum amount of time that is spent […]