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Have you seen this amazing classroom display idea? Student Expression Through Word Clouds! —

#teammagicaleducators @julieinsd Student Expression Through Word Clouds Word Clouds are often used to facilitate conversations around key vocabulary in an essay, chapter of a book, or highlights of a lesson. Karyn Bartig, kindergarten teacher at Ericson Elementary School in San Diego Unified School District decided she wanted her students to create word clouds to highlight characteristics […]

Modern Day Pin-ups: Are the Days of Learning Displays numbered? —

#TeamMagicalEducators: @honeypisquared Are the Days of Learning Displays numbered? We’re all guilty of it.  You walk into a fellow teacher’s classroom – or the one your own children are taught in –  and the first thing you notice is the brightly-coloured displays.  The grammar bees buzzing around the flowers of language; the torn edges of aspirational […]