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What is so sexy about Maths? —

What is so sexy about Maths? Cedric Villani says that Maths allows us to go beyond our intuition to uncover their mysteries. In the TED video Cedricspeaks to the thrill of discovery and details the sometimes crazy life of a Mathematician. “Beautiful mathematical explanations are not only for our pleasure,” “They change our vision of […]

Brand New 2016 Qualification ‘Core Maths’ Revision Videos! —

#teammagicalmaths @MrGordonMaths Brand New 2016 Qualification ‘Core Maths’ Revision Videos A new Level 3 qualification for work, study and life. Official account – DfE #CoreMaths Support Programme run by EdDevTrust –  @thecmsp The new ‘Core Maths’ qualifications are designed to better prepare students for the mathematical demands of study, employment and life. The Core Maths initiative is a major part […]

The best viral factorial BIDMAS BODMAS question starter ever! —

The answer, solution and reasoning to the Factorial BIDMAS question starter  This order of operations question is taking twitter by storm and has been shared hundreds of times on the magical maths timeline. The solution to this question is straightforward, for any Mathematician but for a novice, it is a little bit more challenging. The secret […]