Do you set high expectations? Great ideas for classroom rules!!!

Do you set high expectations? Great ideas for classroom rules!!!

Here are some great ideas that I am not going to take credit for to make sure that you set high expectations right from the start of the year. Setting expectations and boundaries are key to ensuring that behaviour for learning in your educating environments gets off to a good start.

These documents can not just be given out to learners, they MUST  be presented to them in a way that emphasises that your rules in your classroom are important and MUST be adhered to.

“My room my rules” as I like to say!!

One good idea I have come across and adapted, is the classroom rules agreement. Get learners to read, sign and stick a document in their inner front cover of their books. When learners break one of the rules it is easy to refer back to their signature and their agreement, and is great to let parents know of your expectations too.

Classroom Rules Agreement

Every student is important in this room. No student is more important than anyone else. Our goal is to achieve the best education we can. To make this happen, we have to obey certain rules. This means you will have to behave in a certain way, so that everyone gets the best education possible. These are the basic rules that everyone must follow. Failure to follow these rules will result in a sanction. Success in following these rules will lead to everyone’s success.

 1. The teacher is in charge of the room, and the class. Any reasonable instruction must be followed.

2. No calling out- every student must put their hand up to speak

3. If the teacher is speaking, the class must listen

4. If the teacher has asked anyone else to speak, the class must listen

5. Every student should bring their equipment to all lessons

6. At the beginning of the lesson, students should take their assigned seats, and quickly begin the work given to them.

7. All homework should be recorded in your planner; it must be handed in on time.

8. All work will be completed to the best of your ability.

9. No one is permitted to leave the room, or walk around the room, without permission.

10. All students should show manners to every other member of the class, the teacher, and to any guests in the room.

Another idea is to have posters that are very simple, you can create your own or find some amazing examples on line like these ones;

classroom rules

classroom rules

How about creating a poster on presentation rules for learners’ work in their books;

presentation rules in the classroom

presentation rules in the classroom

Have you got any ideas? Please let us all know!! Comment below.

4 comments on “Do you set high expectations? Great ideas for classroom rules!!!
  1. Shauna says:

    I would LOVE a copy of the poster to use in my classroom! I think the “take risks and make misteaks” is PERFECT. Can you send a link (or post link to original so I can contact the owner?

  2. Kerryn Manifold says:

    My first rule, which I stole from a colleague I greatly respect, is “thinking for yourself is required in this classroom”.

  3. Alison says:

    It’s worth investing dome time in creating a “class charter” based on the UN rights of a child as the class usually come up with these rules themselves, but because they do it, and therefore have ownership, they are better at following them and don’t feel dictated to.

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