Top Tips to consider when you want to revise effectively! Useful!

Top Tips to consider when you want to revise effectively! Useful!
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Creating an exam revision schedule

As a pupil mentor it is important that you speak to them about how to manage their time during the busy exam revision period. There are many different strategies and techniques but I visual representation is always a good starting point.

Learners always struggle to plan their revision effectively. Attached is a template that learners can print off and fill in to create a very useful revision time table. I have used this several times and learners have found it very useful when it is filled in and blown up to A3!

Download  a Revision timetable template Buy now

revision student

Top Tips to consider when you want to  revise effectively;

  1. Ensure there us no more than 50 minutes non stop revision at a time!
  2. Don’t overdo it! Revising solidly from 4pm until midnight will exhaust you and your brain! A tired brain can not learn! Make sure you get plenty of sleep and have proper break for meals and drink plenty of water.
  3. Take a ten minute break in between sessions; get a drink, stretch your legs and give your brain a break.
  4. Be proactive. Simply reading notes is no help to you – make notes, mind maps and use colours! Keep your brain busy! Don’t let it switch off! Try and answer exam questions!
  5. Spread your subjects out. Don’t choose to revise all three sciences one after the other on the same day/evening. You will get bored and demotivated! And make sure you use a variety of techniques. Do some note taking for one subject, some mind mapping for another and maybe try some past paper questions out for the next subject after that.
  6. Most importantly Do not panic! If you are organised, you will be fine! Lots of regular revision, slotted into your normal routine, is a hundred times better than manic revision the day before the exam!
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