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‘Rate my Focus’ – understanding and taking ownership to help learning excel in Maths.

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Guest Blogger: @MrJPWalton ‘Rate my Focus’ – an idea to help children activate their understanding of, and take ownership of their focus in lessons. This term I have decided to challenge my wonderful Y6 Maths class to develop the amount of time

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Mathster – Is this the MyMaths killer?

Guestblogger: @mathstermaths Mathster is a brand new website launched at the end of last year. Aimed at UK curriculum mathematics from primary to secondary, the site was nominated for a BETT award within a month of its release. Here is a

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Are you ready to take an Adventure?…. A Maths adventure!

Top 10 things teacher should do more of in the new year reflect more

Guest Blogger: @WizenWorld WizenWorld is a free math adventure game for 3rd to 8th graders. This Zelda-style game requires students to explore exciting new worlds, and use their math skills to defeat the bad guys. The game maintains a strong focus

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Don’t be lazy, read this very quick review of The Lazy Teacher’s Handbook! @thelazyteacher

Guest Blogger: @ListerKev  The Lazy Teacher’s Handbook, written by Jim Smith and edited by Ian Gilbert has been around for a few years now (published in 2010). In the book itself Jim Smith readily acknowledges that the title may be

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Does a lack of mental maths ‘ability’ stem from poor counting? A great read!!

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Guest Blogger: Chris Dunn @ShrekTheTeacher Poor mental maths ‘ability’ (I say ability, but I suspect it has more to do with education), seems to have become endemic in England.  It’s often talked about in the press, and is so prevalent in my

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What are the EdExcel GCSE Linear Mathematics 1MA0 November 2013 Grade Boundaries?

What are the EdExcel GCSE Linear Mathematics 1MA0 November 2013 Grade Boundaries? Below are the EdExcel GCSE Linear Mathematics 1MA0 November 2013 Grade Boundaries. This year’s grade boundaries is another very interesting reading especially the D to C border line on

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Top Tips for Parents and Pupils on How to Prepare for Exams Tests or Assessments >> Good Advice!!

Guest Blogger: Janelle@missjsworld It is testing season and many parents and children are overwhelmed with the whole process. Studying is only a part of getting good results on your exam. No matter how hard you study as a student if you

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An honest self analysis of the wonderful world of marking, marking and more marking, what is your view?

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#teammagicaleducators: anthonysappong Why am blogging? I am guest blogging on which makes it sound like I am an experienced blogger but you couldn’t be further from the truth if you thought so. This is actually my first blog post on

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Math Teachers in our Data-Driven World

Network and stay connected Top 5 things to keep you inspired and motivated in teaching

Does your school have data teams and PLCs? Analyzing student performance and planning strategies for improved instruction are huge right now. A critical missing piece is the stated role of the math teacher in these data discussions. What if schools

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How Important is Appropriate Questioning and Assessment For Learning to deliver Outstanding” Lessons?

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How Important is Appropriate Questioning and Assessment For Learning to deliver Outstanding” Lessons? As a teacher trainer and an aspiring OfSTED inspector the concept of “Appropriate Questioning” in assessment for learning is an aspect of pedagogy that I have regular

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Working out online: Mathematics, learning analytics and Inner loop learning.

When I was in the classroom, I used to tell students that if two students had exactly the same answers to a GCSE paper, some right, some wrong, then the one who showed their working out would get the better

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Download FREE Self Peer Assessment For Learning Images. AFL

Download FREE Self Peer Assessment For Learning Images. AFL. I have a whole range of Maths Images stored. Please mail me if you are looking for something specific.

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Formative Assessment – Norm referenced assessment and ipsative assessment.

Within formative assessment there are norm referenced assessment, criterion referenced assessment and “ipsative” assessment. Assessment defined as “Non reference” is where a learner is compared to another set of learners. An example of this “diagnostic” approach is CATS tests where

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Do you know the 10 Principles of Assessment For Learning? :: UPDATED ::


Do you know the 10 Principles of Assessment For Learning? This has recently been updated with an image from tweeting teacher. Please share and comment below. The ten principles of assessment for learning to guide classroom practice identified by the

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What are the 10 principles of Assessment for Learning (AFL)?

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What are the 10 principles of Assessment for Learning (AFL)? For PGCE or GTP students the following principles will be ideas that you have heard in lectures, if you have not than these are concepts that you need to get

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