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Guest Blogger: @mathstermaths UK Maths Challenge Here is the latest free offering from Mathster – a UKMT Maths Challenge online quiz using original Maths Challenge questions from over the last 6 years. Fantastic for students to practice at home, select your level …

I bet you have not tried the online version of the UKMT Maths Challenge! What a Challenge! Read More »

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Guest Blogger: @mathstermaths From the very nice people at Mathster comes two very visual ways of explaining two of the most complicated routines in Maths – finding the LCM and HCF of two or more numbers using Prime Factors. These are …

A truly visual teacher resource for a lesson on Prime Numbers, LCM and HCF! Read More »

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Guestblogger: @mathstermaths Mathster is a brand new website launched at the end of last year. Aimed at UK curriculum mathematics from primary to secondary, the site was nominated for a BETT award within a month of its release. Here is a …

Mathster – Is this the MyMaths killer? Read More »

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