Can I colour Maths?

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Can I colour Maths?

The children in my class always love it when I connect the Ipad to the projector and then know we are going to play a game (if we had a class set of Ipads I know that would be the best reward for good behaviour ever!). There are lots of educational App games that the children like to play as a class (or at home and then they ask me to download it too!).


I think that most teachers would say that Maths is about confidence, probably due to the fact that you get a lot of instant feedback in most areas of Maths with your answer being correct or not. I also believe that as much as possible Maths needs to be fun and memorable. This makes sense to me as the best writing that children ever produce is on something memorable often that they have had first-hand experience of.

So, when a child asked flippantly can we colour Maths, my mind went into overdrive of complex Maths patterns in nature… However, they were actually wanting to know if we could colour in during Maths. I am sure that lots of teachers have used some kind of colour by number worksheets based on a variety of Maths facts, however nothing that useful was on the App store when I thought of colouring a picture together.

This set me off on a mission to make an app that could do that, which I have created (with some help from a team of coding experts!).


All the levels in my App are linked to Key Stage One learning objectives from the (new) national curriculum. My trialists (children of by ex-TAs and current HLTA) were all very engaged and excited by the App – even though 2 out of the 5 of them are in Year 3. They all love that facts that they are solving (painting) and picture puzzle as well and practising their maths knowledge. Most of their comment are about this being more fun that Maths and that they wish all maths involved colouring! The teachers that have downloaded the App and communicated with me have loved the fact it engages everyone in their class and motivates children to learn number better so that they can beat their previous time.

I enjoy teaching Maths and finding new fun ways to engage children and increase their confidence. I look forward to finding and using new ideas on Magical Maths and talking to teacher about Apps too!


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