Such a simple addition and subtraction game but yet so effective at improving Addition and Subtraction! Warning: Addictive!

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The use of Math games are proving to be a hit in educational environments across the globe. Teachers and parents are finding that the use of Math games is a way in which you can get your learners to get highly engaged with their mathematical learning. Motivation is key in Maths and the online Math games available on the site definitely help to do this. My favourite Math game is the hit game “flappy maths” that is a spin off of the game “flappy birds” and helps to develop pupil times table skills.

The game below was created by so all credit goes to them for this addictive addition and subtraction game to improve “adding” and “subtracting”. I have used it many times for low ability sets as starters and plenaries and it really gets learners engaged. The lower sets tend to be small so it is a great way to end the lesson by getting everyone to have a go and create a competition. Be warned groups can get very excited when playing this, so you will need to manage the behaviour as well.

Throughout the year I keep track of the scores and we work out learner averages, with the highest score winning a prize. Give it a go and let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Addition Game Subtraction Game

Addition Game /Subtraction Game

All credit goes to who designed and developed this Math game. Please note that when playing the game you can use your mouse or the keyboard arrow keys.

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