Have you seen these two Innovative FREE online games to support maths at EYFS & KS1?

Guest Blogger: ShrekTheTeacher

Having struggled to find any maths games that children go back to again and again, I have created two myself that I hope will make a difference…

I have focussed on recognising numerals, matching them with quantities, and ordering…skills that take plenty of practise!

The games use very simple on screen controls, allowing them to be accessed independently by children from the age of 3 upwards. This also means they work very well on a whiteboard, with no need to use a keyboard…great for demonstration and shared learning.

The first is Number Parachutes

In this game children use colour, sound and quantity to support them in matching the parachuting number plates with the correct numerals.

The second is Number Capsules

In this game children use colour, quantity and sound as clues to support them in dragging the moving number plates into the correct order, and match them with the correct numerals.

My own class have been willing ‘testers’ during the development process (their feedback is very honest!), and they continue to access the games on a daily basis, showing considerable progress. I am currently developing multi-level versions using numbers to 20.

Please give them a try…I’d love to hear how other children get on with them.
Here’s a link to the Game Menu.

Both games draw on themes and characters used in my new iBook…Tiny Bob’s Adventurous Counting…


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