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Can I colour Maths?

#teammagicalmaths @MrLsMathsApps Can I colour Maths? The children in my class always love it when I connect the Ipad to the projector and then know we are going to play a game (if we had a class set of Ipads I

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Changing Education from the ground up – Sir Ken Robinson >> Another MUST WATCH!

You have probably seen Ken Robinson’s TED video on how to escape education’s death valley and have been impressed with what he argues. Below is a RSA video showing Ken Robinson discussing his views on how to  change education from

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Why Amazon Prime for teachers is one of the best resources for any educator! Really? No? Try it!

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Amazon PRIME For Teachers – Free Trial for Teachers and Students Now take a minute and just read on as some pessimists will think this is just a ploy of getting you to sign up to the Amazon Prime FREE

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I bet you have not seen the easiest way to remember and learn the times tables? Memorise 3 simple facts!

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Learn The Times Tables So you need some help with learning your times tables. I am always asked what is the best way to memorise your times tables and the hints and tips on learning your times table  blog entry that

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Does a lack of mental maths ‘ability’ stem from poor counting? A great read!!

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Guest Blogger: Chris Dunn @ShrekTheTeacher Poor mental maths ‘ability’ (I say ability, but I suspect it has more to do with education), seems to have become endemic in England.  It’s often talked about in the press, and is so prevalent in my

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Why Performance Related Pay for Teachers Is the Wrong Move!

Guest Blogger: Adnan Al-Daini @respect65 So the Department for Education [1] has decided that performance- linked pay is to be introduced into our schools from September 2014. A year ago when the Independent School Teachers’ Review Body made such a recommendation,

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