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Guest Blogger: @thenumberverse  NEED BEFORE FEED: I Don’t Have A Question For Your Answer. How well should we expect pupils to listen, engage, and try? Why should they, over and above a sense of duty? Let’s say you start a lesson …

Are you making your pupils scratch where there is no itch? Great Read! Read More »

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Guestblogger: @MrBayew  Top Tips on using a visualiser in the classroom We had visualisers installed in every classroom in our school about 2 years ago. We use Promethean interactive white boards (IWB) with Active Inspire software (‘flipcharts’) and the visualisers we …

Top Tips on using a visualiser in the classroom! >> Great advice! Read More »

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Select your best Einstein Quote We all love an Einstein quote so please find below some of the most inspiring Albert Einstein quotes on the internet. I have a Einstein quote on all the display boards in my classroom and …

What is your favourite Albert Einstein Quote? :: UPDATED :: Read More »

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