Have you seen “50 Great Activities for any Classroom”?

Have you seen “50 Great Activities for any Classroom”?
50 great activities for any classroom

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50 Great Activities for any Classroom

I am a huge fan of making use of technology in the classroom. So much so, that I set up my own website (www.interactive-maths.com) which I am filling with random question generators and other interactive content.

However, no matter how much you like technology, sometimes there really is no better activity at getting students involved and engaged than something they can really get their hands on! Whilst I was doing my NQT year, I realised that I had been introduced to so many great activities, and that most of them had slipped through my mind, and been forgotten about. There were a selection that I was beginning to rely on regularly, and others that I had used to great success, but had then not even thought about again.

So towards the end of that year, I began to write down a list of all the fun and engaging activities that I could think of. This list started to take on a mind of its own, and soon reached about 30 ideas that I thought formed the basis of a great selection of activities to use in my teaching. And then one day I realised that there were probably other teachers out there who similarly wanted to think of great activities, but couldn’t always put their hands on one. And I also realised that most of the ideas were not limited to teaching Maths, but could be applicable to a whole host of subjects.


50 great activities for  any classroom

50 great activities for any classroom

So my list began to develop, and each activity aqcuired a description, an example of how to run it, some differentiation ideas, the preparation needed, some plenary ideas, a couple of alternative approaches and an idea of when and why to use it. This slowly built up over a couple of years, and was finished this summer (much to the relief of my wife!)

And so my first eBook was complete. It is split into 5 sections: Techniques for use in every lesson; Activities to Replace Texbooks; Starter and Plenary Activities; Other Activities; Some Maths Specific Activities. Each section has a selection of activities, many with images of examples to go with them.

The book is titled “50 Great Activities for Any Classroom“, and is available to purchase as a PDF from just £5 (that is just 10p an activity) for an individual licence. As the name suggests there are 50 activities in all (plus a bonus 10 for Maths teachers that I couldn’t see how they would relate to other subjects), and each one has a full description of how to run it.

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