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You will be amazed with what happens when kids play this times tables game!

Times tables games for kids This is a great way to get pupils to practice their times tables and become more fluent in their understanding and recall of times tables facts. The game is very simple and just requires a

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Download a times table chart to help memorize your Math times tables! >> Useful!

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Why use a Times table chart? A times table chart is a resource that should be up in any Mathematics classroom or child’s bedroom. This resource will ensure that learners can refer to the appropriate times table when practising and

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OMG! This is probably the best way to get your kids to practice their Maths times tables! Flappy Maths!

flappy math

Math Game I came across this on twitter and had to post it on the site! I will put my hands up and admit that I was addicted to flappy birds for a week or two (Highest score 98). So

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I bet you have not seen the easiest way to remember and learn the times tables? Memorise 3 simple facts!

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Learn The Times Tables So you need some help with learning your times tables. I am always asked what is the best way to memorise your times tables and theĀ hints and tips on learning your times tableĀ  blog entry that

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Top 10 ways of making learning your times tables fun?

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Top 10 ways of making learning your times tables fun? “How do I make learning your times tables fun?” is a question asked by many Mathematics educators. This blog will be ongoing as I find different resources that educators have

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