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I bet you can not beat the highest score, #whackthegove!

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Sorry Mister Gove, just a little bit of harmless fun!! Make sure you post your highest score below or tweet it to @magicalmaths I bet you can not beat the highest score, whack the Gove!  

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Practice Makes Perfect! Math On Track

Practice makes perfect! Ask any sports person. Practice re-enforces concepts, decreases reaction time and improves confidence. The feeling of “I have done this before” is a powerful one. The tenet applies as much to basic math as it does to

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Get your class to shoot sheep in the name of Averages

This is a great game to test how fast your reflexes are.  Hit the left mouse button as soon as you see the sheep crossing over the screen.  You will be give 5 sheep-targets to hit but don’t click the

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Get your class to whack the penguin in the name of Averages


Whack the penguin game is a game that has been popular over a number of years.  It can improve hand eye coordination or can be used to work out some statistical calculations like averages. Possible ways the whack the penguin

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Lesson Starter Game – Angles Asteroids

This is a great angles lesson activity – Thanks to I have used this in the past and it works great to engage the learners at the start of an angles lesson!Put the learners in groups or they can

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Lesson Starter Game – Matching Equivalent Fractions Activity >> Help with fractions!


Help with fractions So you are looking for help with fractions, then why not develop this mathematical skill by getting your learners to play this great mathcing equivalent fractions activity. All credit and Thanks goes to There are also

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