You will be amazed with what happens when kids play this times tables game!

Times tables games for kids

This is a great way to get pupils to practice their times tables and become more fluent in their understanding and recall of times tables facts. The game is very simple and just requires a 10 x 10 grid and two dice. As well as a times tables practice the game develops strategic thinking skills and touches on the concept of Area. Can you believe it, all that in 1 simple game! download a free 10 x 10 grid worksheet to use in the game and off you go!

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How close to 100?

The rules are as follows;

1) Each player takes it in turn to Roll the dice

2) Players will multiply their numbers together and also draw a rectangle in the 10 x 10 grid.

3) The goal is to fill up the grid.

4) The winner is the last player who could draw a rectangle successfully

5) At the end players should ask themselves how close are we to 100?

times tables games for kids

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3 comments on “You will be amazed with what happens when kids play this times tables game!
  1. NJ says:

    Great game. Links so many concepts – strategy, area, factors, multiplication, subtraction, compound shapes…Also it is engaging and open.

  2. @bethben92 says:

    Great idea. Can’t believe I have not come across it before. Thanks : )

  3. Gregory Miyata says:

    Please re-post those Math Games on Facebook…I missed a few of them…thanks…


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