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#teammagicaleducator @MrLsMathsApps Algebra from Primary to Secondary In the new (well it’s been taught for a few years now) primary curriculum for maths there was an interesting new addition: Algebra. In the past, I have taught it to those higher …

Teaching Algebra from Primary to Secondary Read More »

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Guestblogger: @grahamandre It seemed to be during my GTP year that tutors. mentors and others were all endorsing the importance of AT1 in maths: Using and Applying. To be fair in my experience children do often learn best when things are …

A funny story about using AT1 in a Mathematics lesson? Using, Applying and Chink Chink! Read More »

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Mini plenaries – ideas to use in any lesson to demonstrate progress If you are looking for ways to become an Outstanding Teacher then you have come to the right page.   The current buzz word at the moment is “mini plenary”, …

Top 50 Maths mini plenary ideas to use in an outstanding Maths lesson Read More »

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