Starter showing a visual proof of Pythagoras’ Theorem

This is a great Maths Starter or Plenary showing a visual proof of Pythagoras’ theorem. I normally show this after the lesson where I have shown learners an algebraic proof Pythagoras’ theorem. There are several versions of this proof available on you tube, one even using sand and can be found easily by doing a search. This animation is useful for lower sets as I find graphical representations tend to engage low ability learners a lot more.

I am in the process of getting our design technology department to create one of these or I might plan a lesson where I will get learners to create one in a Maths lesson. If anyone is successful in designing a lesson around this animated proof then please do let me know @magicalmaths. Feel free to download and embed into your powerpoints or flipcharts but I can not take credit for this video as I am not sure who created it.



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