There are many amazing apps for organizing and planning. You can learn more about these different apps by clicking right here.

Most of us often feel overwhelmed by the number of tasks to handle. You wake to a lengthy to-do list and a bunch of emails to read. The onrushing events, appointments, and personal errands can easily escape your memory.

Thankfully, digital devices have made light most of our workload. Everything can seem cluttered until you resort to apps for organizing.

By downloading a few best organizer apps, you can tidy up your life and control the flow of your entire tasks. Whether you want to keep on schedules, brainstorm, or track your team, there’s an app for you.

Here’s a detailed outlook into some of the 11 of the best apps for organizing and planning.

1. Trello

Trello stands as one of the best work planners that can save you the trouble of downloading many apps. You can use it for your projects and still count on it for collaboration.

Its flexibility allows you to use it for any task, from planning a vacation to launching a new product. You can customize your tasks and your team will get notifications on the spot. This also applies to the offline team members.

2. Asana

If you want a planning app that blends your to-do lists and lets you manage projects, Asana is the way to go. The best part is it has a free version that can include a group of 15 members. You’ll be able to discuss project issues with each member.

You can also see the real-time progress of your projects and the pending workload of each member. Its ability to work with other apps such as Trello and Outlook can help to streamline your work.

3. Xmind

Most of the apps for organizing are mainly for project management. Xmind comes with an added advantage as a powerful mind mapping software. It’s best for your needs if you want to run projects efficiently and creatively.

Opening the app takes you to eight customizable map styles and 20 templates for many uses. The map styles comprise features such as matrix and logic charts.

Xmind’s design helps you to connect ideas and turn them into readable charts. It also comes with a presentation mode to help you break down your projects. The Xmind cloud aspect ensures that your data is secure and easy to share.

4. Todoist

Todoist is one of the most flexible best daily planner apps for iPhone and Android. It’s a cross-platform app that you can also download it for Windows, Mac, Safari, Google Chrome, and so on.

Todoist’s power and flexibility mean you can use it for a range of tasks. That’s from managing your to-do lists to running complex projects. The recurring dues dates, sub-tasking, and prioritization abilities help to improve your efficiency.

5. Any.Do

With over 20 million users, is another app for organizing to add to your devices. It’s mainly a to-do list and planning app that comes with calendars and reminders to keep you on track.

It’s super easy to use and effective for assigning tasks to friends, family, or your team. You can add voice reminders to your lists and ensure that you don’t skip out on any tasks. The repetitive reminders and the daily planner help to keep you on your toes every time and when you wake up.

6. stands out as an all-around project and planning tool. It has all the desired features to allow you to distribute work to your team, track progress, and schedule. It has project templates that will enable daily tasks management.

It also gives you the freedom to customize projects to your needs. You can ‘star’ projects and tasks based on their rank. Assigning tasks is always easy, for the timeline shows the specific all assignees.

7. Neat

While planning is useful for your life, it’s also an incredible idea to tidy up your finances. That’s where Neat comes in. It’s a great organizational app that helps to reconcile your accounts.

You can upload your receipts and invoices and reconcile them with your accounts fast. This can keep you on the loop of your project’s cash flow and help you to control expenses. Its integration with QuickBooks is a bonus if you want to organize costs and prepare for tax returns.

8. Hootsuite

Almost three billion people are on social media today and the numbers continue to increase. The sites are now part of our lives and businesses. If you want to plan your posts and the management of all your accounts, then Hootsuite is a tool for you.

From one dashboard, you’re able to track the performance of each post and study your audiences’ needs. If you’re too busy, you can create and schedule many postings using the in-built calendar.

9. Zen Day

Zen day is one of the best organizer apps. It’s designed to improve your time management abilities and boost your productivity. It provides you with a single view of all your tasks and keeps you updated on their timeliness.

Incomplete tasks reschedule automatically. That means you will never remain with any pending work. The changing colors tasks keep you on toes to complete projects before their due time.

Plus, the debriefing feature allows you to check your performance progress.

10. Lastpass

For each app, you will need unique passwords. Easy to remember passwords can compromise your security. Last isn’t much of an app for organizing─ but it can simplify your online life and remove the headaches of online security.

With Lastpass, you will create a master password and secure the logins of all your online apps. The tool generates strong passwords for your accounts and encrypts them in a safe vault.


IFTTT is an app to make other apps work best for your needs. Without coding knowledge, you can connect your apps and make your life comfortable. You can also automate most of your tasks through the applets feature.

For instance, you can share data between apps, instead of logging into each app. Or you can set up an applet to notify your family whenever you leave the office. You can also automate email responses to new blog subscribers.

Which are the Best Apps for Organizing?

Selecting the right apps for organizing has everything to do with your needs. Know what you and/or your team needs to get through projects or daily work. You can combine the appropriate apps for the best workflow.

For more tips and advice, check out our blog.

I finally received my HUE HD Pro Camera in amongst the COVID19 crisis, and it was a ray of sunshine as It came through the door. I had a smile on my face as I had some new tech to look forward to and be inspired by. You can see that the lockdown is finally getting to me : ). Anyway, as well as having the intention to use the HUE HD Pro in the classroom, which in the current climate I do not have the opportunity to, I wanted to initially test the camera under remote learning conditions.

The “out of the box” experience for this product definitely did not disappoint. The system comes in a very well presented and organized package with all the components easy to unpack and setup. I felt I was bringing in a new pet into the house as the camera once setup looked like a small baby animal that required an initial feed.

My first setup of the device was straightforward and I managed to get everything connected and working in less than 60 seconds. I am not exaggerating, it was that easy and as described “plug and play” was exactly the case. However, I am pretty “tech-savvy” so that may have greatly helped the process! Just for reference, I set the camera up on my Mac Book Pro and as of writing this, I did not have the chance to the same on a windows system.

As mentioned earlier due to the covid19 lockdown I initially set up the HUE HD Pro at home and planned to do the same in a classroom environment when the current pandemic was over. Once I had the camera set up and was ready to go, I decided to jump straight into a lesson that day, and start using it as a visualizer. The impact the camera had on my demonstrations and explanations in that chosen lesson was immense. I felt very comfortable using the device, and the learners had fun seeing me using the camera for the first time. I could easily place documents and my mini whiteboard under the head of the camera and go through countless Maths examples in complete HD. I thoroughly enjoyed this new visualization experience, however, I realized afterward, due to the high definition, that I need a pedicure and a bit of hand maintenance : )

The camera is very sturdy and has a cute but sleek design. It fits nicely on my desk and I like having it there, hence why I have not boxed it back up. I would suggest getting the camera in black, however, I am completely happy with the blue colour that was sent to me. I would suggest making sure that you practice using the system for a while before you use it in an online lesson for the first time. Ensure you use the manual zoom function and position the camera correctly using the flexible neck before you start your lesson. The focus functionality is great too, but I highly advise you to sort this out before you start to experiment with the camera in lessons involving students.

The wife was so impressed with the product that she even gave it a go and now wants to borrow it for one of her future lesson observations. I can only see me finding more useful functions for the device the more I use the camera but there is no shadow of a doubt that I have added this to my teaching tech toolkit and will be there for years to come.

I was discussing and demonstrating the HUE HD pro in one of my online leadership meetings and many members of my middle management team were highly interested in borrowing the device and trialing it for their departments. We all felt that for the price you pay for the product, it was good value for money but hoped that we would get a bulk discount for large future purchases.

I have also spent a day or two using the camera for personal zoom meetings with family and friends and instantly could see the difference in picture quality. This was confirmed with the individuals I had meetings with. The flexible neck of the device allows the user to easily show their 360 degrees surroundings. I had fun showing my parents what my own kids were up to with their homeschooling activities.

Some of the other features that I was impressed with but did not get a chance to completely investigate was the onboard mic and the document capture functionality. I will leave some comments below as and when I explore these extra features of the product in the future.

For more information on the HUE HD PRO and how it works, you can visit the HUE HD PRO website or take a look at the video below. Please feel free to leave comments and questions below and I will be more than happy to respond to them.

Have you every used this grid method to multiply numbers? Have a go and let me know what you think?

You must take a look at the Top 7 Tips to teach online!


My name is Joshua Seigal. I am a professional poet, and in this capacity I regularly visit schools. I firmly believe that poetry can and should be embedded across the curriculum, and not just confined to English lessons. With this in mind, I’d like to share a poem that may be of use during Maths lessons. The following poem was written by me, exclusively for this blog post:

Summing Me Up by Joshua Seigal

me + football = energetic
me – doughnut = hungry
me + you = fun
(me + you) ÷ jealousy = loneliness

me x friends = party
(me x friends) + pizza = mess
((me x friends) + pizza) + mum = angry
me – internet = bored

Using this poem as a resource, students can write a poem in which they turn themselves into mathematical equations. Here is an example from a Year 7 student:

Summing Me Up by Sathana

Me + sister = enemies
Me – Chinese takeaway = nothing
Me x twelve = me
Me + vanilla cheesecake = heaven
Me = getting whatever I want = OMG

Me – sister = friends
Me + Chinese takeaway = something important
Me – vanilla cheesecake = hell
Me ÷ 12 = foetus
Me – getting whatever I want = what on earth is going on?!

The impact of this activity on learning is that students are encouraged to develop both mathematical and creative skills. They use mathematics to focus on self-reflection, and use equations to come up with interesting descriptions. Poetry really can do anything!

Please visit for more poetry fun!

What is the Activity?

The squaring of a number that ends in 5 activity can be used to develop the teaching and learning of multiplication across a range of abilities. It serves as a little but if fun to start or end a lesson. Even use to impress your friends at dinner parties. Look at the example below to see how it is done. 

Please leave a comment on how you use the resource in the comments section below. What is your favourite method for multiplication and squaring numbers, and do not say a calculator?

How can it be used?

  • Starter Task.
  • Main Task.
  • Plenary Task.
  • Get learners to test this method on larger numbers that end with 5.
  • Use the method a part of a more challenging topic on number.
  • Can be used in any lesson across a range of different subjects.

How does it impact Teaching and Learning?

  • Task and lesson becomes highly engaging and accessible.
  • Can be used as an introduction to a more challenging topic.
  • Can show learners that squaring big large numbers can be made easy.
  • Makes the activity or lesson fun and memorable.

What is the Activity?

The use of Napier Bones method named after John Napier, can be used to develop the teaching and learning of multiplication across a range of abilities. It serves as an alternative method to allow learners to multiply numbers easily with only only know your times 1 to 9 times tables! Look at the example below. 

Please leave a comment on how you use the resource in the comments section below. What is your favourite method for multiplication?

How can it be used?

  • Starter Task.
  • Main Task.
  • Plenary Task.
  • Get learners to create their own Napier bones system.
  • Use the method a part of a more challenging topic on number.
  • Can be used in any lesson across a range of different subjects.

How does it impact Teaching and Learning?

  • Task and lesson becomes highly engaging and accessible.
  • Can be used as an introduction to a more challenging topic.
  • Can show learners that multiplying large numbers can me easy.
  • Makes the activity or lesson fun and memorable.

What is the Activity?

A Number game activity that can be used for learners across a range of abilities and subjects. Please leave a comment on how you use the resource in the comments section below. What words can you find?

How can it be used?

  • Starter Task.
  • Main Task.
  • Plenary Task.
  • Using the letter of the alphabet and assigning a number to each letter this is a fun problem solving activity.
  • You could get learners to come up with some easier totals but the challenge to get to 100 develops problem solving skills.
  • Can be used in any lesson across a range of different subjects.

How does it impact Teaching and Learning?

  • Task and lesson becomes highly engaging and competitive.
  • Can be used as an introduction to a more challenging topic.
  • Allows collaborative learning and peer assessment opportunities.
  • Get learners to create their own number total challenge to develop high level thinking skills.
  • Makes the activity or lesson fun and memorable.

This is definitely another one of those annoying viral simultaneous questions that is going around on social media.

Leave your answers in the comments sections below before sharing.

What is the resource?

  • A FREE printable Snakes and Ladders Board to use in your classroom. Download the resource HERE. Please leave a comment on how you use the resource in the comments section below.

How can it be used?

  • Starter Task.
  • Main Task.
  • Plenary Task.
  • Revision Lesson.
  • Using the board, counter and dice in the classic way as a fun exercise and play snakes and ladders in the normal way.
  • Create Question cards based on your subject, with answers as numbers and that ends up being the number of spaces the learner moves.
  • Create a range of difficult question each with a rating from 1 to 6. Depending on what card you choose and whether you get it correct you move that many places.
  • Can be used in any lesson across a range of different subjects.

How does it impact Teaching and Learning?

  • Task and lesson becomes highly engaging and competitive.
  • Reinforces the learning.
  • Introduction to a more challenging topic.
  • Revision of a topic or subject.
  • Collaborative learning and peer assessment opportunities.
  • Get learners to create their own questions for the game to develop high level thinking skills.
  • Makes the activity fun and memorable.

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Do you remember the last minute you just talked to your parents and grandparents? If you think about it, it’s time to correct the situation. Call relatives, find out how they are doing. Attention is very important, especially for older people.

Try to bring together all the family members with whom you live together. Come up with a common cause. For example, cook something special. Let it be a leisurely action, filled with joy and comfort. After a family lunch or dinner, have an evening of board games. Such a pastime will distract everyone from gadgets and help establish relationships.

Online Education

Set aside textbooks and spend hours attending online events. There are many options: most of the Internet resources opened free access to films, music, concerts, and performances, and museums opened virtual exhibitions.

Moreover, you can order your paid essay papers from the cheap trustworthy urgent essay writing service website. Choose the Rushessay reliable writer to complete your urgent tasks using the fast search engine.

Sports and Walks

The accumulated negativity and tension perfectly relieve physical activity. Arrange yourself an active fitness day, take a dance or yoga lesson. To do this, you do not have to go to the gym, you can do the training at home quick, and find the trusted exercise program on the Internet.

You can go in for sports not only in the apartment – running in the fresh air will energize you. For variety and physical health, cycling, rollerblading or skateboarding is useful.


A fun activity is the best vacation. Find the hobby you like. For instance:

  • Drawing. Even if you don’t know how to do this, try drawing sets by numbers. They make real masterpieces even for those who hold the brush in their hands for the first time. Mandalas – complex patterns with small details will help to deal with stress;
  • Music. You can play musical instruments, compose music;
  • Needlework. Scrapbooking, embroidery, diamond mosaic, origami, knitting, making dolls, modeling, soap making;
  • The photo. You can even take beautiful photos on your smartphone, and storytelling is a creative and interesting process, even if you are looking for them in an apartment.

General Cleaning and Rearrangement

Cleaning will help you switch and take a break from the routine. What to do:

  • Get rid of things you don’t use;
  • Put your desktop in order;
  • Remove unnecessary programs on your computer and smartphone;
  • Do a spring cleaning;
  • Change the environment – rearrange the furniture, hang other curtains.

The mess makes it difficult to relax and really rest. You will feel freedom as soon as you remove everything superfluous.

Self-education in a Different Format

Switch your attention from school subjects to what interests you. To protect your eyes from over-sitting at your computer, try podcasts or audiobooks. This format will allow you to combine self-education with other things, for example, cleaning or walking.

What to Refuse

If you want to really relax and not feel as squeezed on Monday as on Friday, try to follow the recommended tips below.

Minimize contact with your computer and smartphone in the evening. Numerous studies confirm the need to abandon any gadgets 2 hours before bedtime. The blue light that emits the screen irritates the nervous system, which disrupts the production of melatonin – the sleep hormone. Our brain perceives this glow as weak daylight and decides that now is not the time to sleep.

Do not overload yourself with the study. Use the weekend to switch and regain strength, and not to get tired even more. If it’s hard for you to relax, try making a list of things to do first of all on Monday. So you will feel ready for the routine after the rest.

What to Remember

Plan outdoor activities and activities that are fun. Try to gather all the household members and spend time together. For a change, look for new formats: instead of chats in instant messengers, try video calls or group conferences, instead of books and a smartphone screen use podcasts and audiobooks.


Thousands of students start cheating because they want to keep up with the expectations of their parents and want to get the highest grade in order not to disappoint them. It is no secret that student life is challenging and full of writing various assignments, preparing for tests and exams. Students have no time to live a normal life, not mentioning an academic one. Instead of spending hours stressing out and trying to cram every piece of notes, they find some genius ways to cheat on tests. These genius ways can be used in every test, let it be a history or physics exam. In such a way, students try to boost their grades and to improve academic performance. 


Students consider the following methods the best ways to cheat, and I’ll tell you now about them. Being a teacher, you have to know about all of them. 

1.   Using Cell Phone

 It is hard to imagine a modern learner without a phone. It can also be used as a perfect way to cheat. Learners record notes as audio files into their phones. Then they use earphones hidden by their long hair, hijab, or hands when they place them near an ear to listen to answers. Yes, to prevent this kind of cheating, better ask students to leave their phones in the basket and put it on the windowsill. 

2.   Using an Eraser

Students sometimes take their erasers and cut them into two pieces where they hide a small paper with answers or formulas written. That paper will be glued to each side of the eraser pieces, thereby, it’s between them.

So, when the learner stretches the eraser, the paper unwinds, and all the answers are there. 

Yes, although the eraser doesn’t arouse suspicion as a cheating tool, now you know that it can also be used as a way to hide some formulas and dates for the coming math or history exams. 

3.   Using Tissue

Some learners pretend to have a cold or an allergy to get good grades on that exam. All they need is tissue or a box of tissues where they have already written some notes or answers.

If they are faced with a difficult question, all they have to do is take the tissue and pretend to be blowing their nose. So, you have mentioned really ill students having a running nose? Offer them to take an exam the next time when they feel a bit better.  

4.   Using a Water Bottle

Water or drinks are allowed in most exam rooms, but did you know that they can help in how to cheat on a test. Everything students have to do is remove the label and attach notes, answers or formulas on the backside of the label. Learners reattach the label with the written answers and walk into the exam hall. They check out the notes or pieces of paper through the water bottle. It is considered to be an effective way to cheat because teachers usually don’t pay attention to water bottles. So, in order to prevent this kind of cheating, better put a bottle of water on the teacher’s table and offer your students to drink it. 

Exam cheating, just like college homework help online, helps students to pass their exams and tests. If you are a teacher, be aware of these ways to cheat and try to prevent them in your classroom. Let your students know and understand that they get grades for themselves, not for their parents or teachers. Yes, getting high grades is important, but it is less important than students’ nerves and sleepless nights. 

Feel free to download this FREE jigsaw template printable at home or in school. Get learners to draw and colour their own pictures and then glue on to card. Cut the pieces carefully to have jigsaw puzzles that learners can complete and share with their friends. Please leave a comment below on how you use this resource in your classroom or at home.

Particularly every student has been pulling all-nighters at least once. Spending nights cramming is not the best solution or a beneficial investment in your future. 

Academic success is usually linked to a number of factors. Some students do know about them and follow the unspoken rules. Others have no idea of how to boost the grades and combine studies with a part-time job. 

There is no doubt that modern students use a range of helpful platforms and applications. In this article, you will find the most useful ones.



Recalling an essay service when writing about useful apps for students is absolutely inevitable. EssayPro delivers the top quality services for an adequate price. 

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Every student is obliged to write various papers and prepare other types of assignments before obtaining a degree. Grammatical and spelling mistakes can become a serious obstacle to good marks. 

Grammarly is the best tool that helps thousands of authors eliminate errors in their writing. There is a free version, which is almost as good as the paid one. 

Grammarly also has an in-built plagiarism checker, though this particular feature is the service’s weak spot. Instead of turning to it to check originality, keep reading this article and explore way better options in this regard.


The academic world does not tolerate any form of plagiarism. On the other hand, there is no such student who didn’t try to rewrite someone else’s brilliant idea, especially in the situation of an approaching deadline. 

Having a good plagiarism checker is an initial part of getting excellent grades. With so many options online, Quetext is the best one in 2020. It is very easy to get started on this platform. 

Quetext allows 500 words to be checked for free at a time. Yet, if you have a few years more to spend at college, it may be worth investing in an unlimited premium account. 

What’s more, when you sign in, you get an account where all the reports are saved. 

Hemingway Editor

Do you think you’re good at writing, but your friends are calling your style Woolf-esque? It is generally believed that it’s not enough to write; it’s essential to write in such a way that everyone can understand what you mean. 

Making your essay readable enough is a tough and time-consuming editing task. For someone who hasn’t ever tried to edit a piece of writing, it may seem simply overwhelming. 

Hemingway Editor is a great application used by authors all around the world. It can also be used by regular students. Your prof will definitely appreciate how you strived to make your writings better.


Being self-organized means taking account of everything around you – pat, present, and future. Good time-management skills characterize a successful student. 

The era of handwritten notebooks is well over now. There are many ways to digitize your notes in a smart and smooth way. Now, everyone has a smartphone and uses its many features to the fullest.

Trello is an incredibly useful app for everyday use, which was developed by the team of Atlassian. This company is one of the world’s best software providers delivering high-quality products in the IT-sphere. 

Thus, using Trello, you are getting the best services out there. With it, you can create lists, cards, calendars, add deadlines, and manage everything in one app. Share your completed tasks on social networks so that everyone knows how hardworking you are!


We’ve already mentioned a reliable writing service, but what to do if you don’t want to order an essay, but need to find an experienced tutor to help you with a subject or two? 

EssayHub is a particularly new platform that offers students tutoring services. They have gathered hundreds of professional tutors who are specialists in different fields. 

Studying itself has never been easier! The tutor develops an individual learning plan for every customer. You can ask to clarify this or that question, request any kind of specification for a certain subject, etc. 

The price will surprise you because the platform is a relatively new player. 


Wrapping Up

We’ve listed six powerful services and tools which can become timeless friends for every student. 

Whenever you need to check your spelling, enhance your writings, ask for professional help, or organize time effectively, these tools and platforms will meet all your needs. 

Using these and other handy tools makes you a progressive and up-to-date student. Studying itself is not an easy task, but nowadays, there are so many ways to make the process simpler.

Many articles have already been written about creative thinking and its influence on the paper assignment homework: it helps to achieve success in study and work. However, this is not all! Even without creative thinking skills, you can achieve a great result. First, find a cheap online ‘do my assignment’ company such as Such a service will help you with the best custom essay, a term, and even a dissertation. To find such ‘do my assignment’ services as, type ‘pay someone to write me my college paper’ online.

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Solve a Difficult Problem

Creative thinking helps to find a way out of a non-standard situation or solve a problem of increased complexity. Special techniques help you tune into a creative wave and start generating original ideas.

Harvard University professor S. Kosslina suggests working with existing task constraints or coming up with your own. It is necessary to find at least three ways to turn restrictions in to help, for example, pay someone to do my assignment, to modernize or eliminate interference in another way. If the constraints are given by the conditions of the problem, you should imagine that they are not there and consider how this affects the task.

Throw Out Emotions

It is necessary to express strong emotions in order to avoid nervous strain and breakdown. The excess of psychic energy can be directed into a constructive direction: to cross out a sheet, write a song, put together a birdhouse – to which the soul lies. Intuitive creativity helps to cope with emotional stress – this principle underlies art therapy.

According to medical research, even severely ill people, creative practices quickly help to cope with pain and oppressive thoughts. Especially effective are drawing and writing texts, including poetry.

No need to wait for serious unrest to start creating. In the process of leisurely creation, a person usually enters a state of “flow” – this is like meditation and is useful for the psyche. At such minutes, the level of the stress hormone decreases, and the ability to concentrate, on the contrary, increases.

Cope with the Routine

According to a study by Dr. F. Laskin from Stanford University, a person thinks up to 60 thousand thoughts every day, and most of them are repeated daily. Habitual itineraries, scheduled lessons, and monotonous household chores sometimes make you sad. In such a situation, you should hit creative on dull weekdays.

Creativity can be different, and breaking the usual patterns of thinking will help change the style of clothing or rearrangement in the room. Jeans, a sweatshirt and a backpack for a new look can be borrowed from friends. If moving furniture is not an option, you can swap clothes, school supplies and books on the shelves: at first, it will be unusual, but the gyrus will activate.

Drawing and needlework are also relevant: if you paint a wall, cook pizza according to a new recipe or learn how to crochet, your mood will rise, and new ideas will appear in your head.

Gain Confidence

One hour of creativity is enough to believe in yourself. Researchers at the College of Medical Professions in Philadelphia, USA, found a positive effect of free drawing on subjects regardless of gender and age.

Creativity for relaxation brings satisfaction and positive emotions. Positive thoughts allow you to look boldly into the future and more highly evaluate your capabilities and chances of success.

What to Remember?

Even those who do not consider themselves creative and have no hobbies can successfully apply creative techniques in their studies. In the process of creativity, a person gets rid of negative energy, calms down and is charged with optimism. Special exercises, such as the Empathy Map or the Constraint Method, help you look at the situation from a different angle and find an approach to people or solve a problem in physics. Dancing, music, and drawing give the brain a break because it involves other parts of the brain than the usual mental activity of a student.

Good Luck!