College Essay Tips From Admission Counselors

College Essay Tips From Admission Counselors

The essay is your chance to impress admission counselors that will be checking your application. While much of the application procedure is automated, the essay is required from students to know their personality and evaluate their creativity.

While you can spend days or even weeks perfecting your application essay, admissions officers only spend several minutes reading them. If you are challenged to describe your life in 600 words, you should ask a professional writer for help. At, they help students by writing cheap essays that are free from mistakes and completed on time.

College Admission Essays

If you decide to write your admission essay on your own, you will need some ideas on how to do it properly. Here are the tips to consider before starting your writing adventure:

  • Do some brainstorming. To take action, you need to have a clear idea of what you can write about. Brainstorming is a crucial part of the essay writing process, although many students just ignore it. At the same time, there are students who brainstorm too much by trying to put several different thoughts in the same context because they just don’t know what to write about. The best idea does not necessarily come straight away so that you need some time for thinking. You can take notes of all the thoughts coming to your mind and then choose the most appropriate ones. If you are not that sure about yourself, you can always get a second opinion from your parents, friends, and teachers. Ideally, you need a couple of hours to proceed with thorough brainstorming. Take time to think about events in your life that have affected you the most. These can be your parents’ wisdom, your teachers’ patience, or your friends’ support which encourages you to move forward to your dream. The main point is to find something compelling about you that can make them believe in you.
  • Start with a strong statement. College and university’ admission counsels read plenty of essays annually. So, it takes a glimpse for them to read each application. Your essay should have a strong introduction paragraph that would catch the reader’s attention. Depending on the opening sentence, the reader may decide whether to read the whole essay to the end.
  • Reveal the best sides of your personality. Admissions officers want to know as much as possible about you, your knowledge, interests, hobbies, intentions, and so on. So, even if you have not the best grades, you still have a chance to impress them. Your admission essay should bring some insight into your personality. Ideally, if you try to be creative in describing even your flaws in a positive light. While listing your achievements can be too boring, mentioning your inspirations and motivations can be really impressive.
  • Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Changing your background won’t raise your chances for the desired outcome. The truth always comes up to the surface, so don’t try to be smarter than admission counselors. Being honest with the reader is the key to success. Even the lack of experience or missing knowledge can be described through the prism of your strong desire to develop yourself. The reader won’t be able to do anything but your willingness to be honest and with them.
  • Create a nice conclusion for your essay. You surely spend pretty much time writing the essay but you shouldn’t forget about the proper final sentence. Interestingly, the last several sentences become something that stock up an admission counselor’s mind. So, what is the idea or thought that you want the reader to remember?
  • Do not forget about the “final check”! It’s extremely that the first version of a university or college application essay is ideal. Before you put the last point, you need to get feedback on your actual essay. Have your school teacher, parents, and even friends check your drafts and give you some suggestions. Don’t be scared of checking your paper more than once in order to get a satisfactory result. Editing and proofreading turn out to be an important element in the entire writing process, so they can also improve your paper considerably.

As soon as you complete your paper by following the above-mentioned tips, feel free to send it to the college or university of your dream. Done well, your admission essay will leave a long-lasting impression on the admission committee.

Closing Note

The application essay writing process can be challenging. If you consider all the above-mentioned tips, you increase your chances of writing a decent piece of paper. Jessica Dong, one of the professional essay writers working at, knows how to deal with this kind of assignment. With years of experience, she has nothing but high rates from customers.

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