Have you used Snakes and Ladders in your classroom?

What is the resource?

  • A FREE printable Snakes and Ladders Board to use in your classroom. Download the resource HERE. Please leave a comment on how you use the resource in the comments section below.

How can it be used?

  • Starter Task.
  • Main Task.
  • Plenary Task.
  • Revision Lesson.
  • Using the board, counter and dice in the classic way as a fun exercise and play snakes and ladders in the normal way.
  • Create Question cards based on your subject, with answers as numbers and that ends up being the number of spaces the learner moves.
  • Create a range of difficult question each with a rating from 1 to 6. Depending on what card you choose and whether you get it correct you move that many places.
  • Can be used in any lesson across a range of different subjects.

How does it impact Teaching and Learning?

  • Task and lesson becomes highly engaging and competitive.
  • Reinforces the learning.
  • Introduction to a more challenging topic.
  • Revision of a topic or subject.
  • Collaborative learning and peer assessment opportunities.
  • Get learners to create their own questions for the game to develop high level thinking skills.
  • Makes the activity fun and memorable.

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