11 of the Best Apps for Organizing and Planning

11 of the Best Apps for Organizing and Planning

There are many amazing apps for organizing and planning. You can learn more about these different apps by clicking right here.

Most of us often feel overwhelmed by the number of tasks to handle. You wake to a lengthy to-do list and a bunch of emails to read. The onrushing events, appointments, and personal errands can easily escape your memory.

Thankfully, digital devices have made light most of our workload. Everything can seem cluttered until you resort to apps for organizing.

By downloading a few best organizer apps, you can tidy up your life and control the flow of your entire tasks. Whether you want to keep on schedule, brainstorm, or track your team, there’s an app for you.

Here’s a detailed outlook into some of the 11 best apps for organizing and planning.

1. Trello

Trello stands as one of the best work planners that can save you the trouble of downloading many apps. You can use it for your projects and still count on it for collaboration.

Its flexibility allows you to use it for any task, from planning a vacation to launching a new product. You can customize your tasks and your team will get notifications on the spot. This also applies to the offline team members.

2. Asana

If you want a planning app that blends your to-do lists and lets you manage projects, Asana is the way to go. The best part is it has a free version that can include a group of 15 members. You’ll be able to discuss project issues with each member.

You can also see the real-time progress of your projects and the pending workload of each member. Its ability to work with other apps such as Trello and Outlook can help to streamline your work.

3. Xmind

Most of the apps for organizing are mainly for project management. Xmind comes with an added advantage as a powerful mind mapping software. It’s best for your needs if you want to run projects efficiently and creatively.

Opening the app takes you to eight customizable map styles and 20 templates for many uses. The map styles comprise features such as matrix and logic charts.

Xmind’s design helps you to connect ideas and turn them into readable charts. It also comes with a presentation mode to help you break down your projects. The Xmind cloud aspect ensures that your data is secure and easy to share.

4. Todoist

Todoist is one of the most flexible best daily planner apps for iPhone and Android. It’s a cross-platform app that you can also download it for Windows, Mac, Safari, Google Chrome, and so on.

Todoist’s power and flexibility mean you can use it for a range of tasks. That’s from managing your to-do lists to running complex projects. The recurring dues dates, sub-tasking, and prioritization abilities help to improve your efficiency.

5. Any.Do

With over 20 million users, Any.do is another app for organizing to add to your devices. It’s mainly a to-do list and planning app that comes with calendars and reminders to keep you on track.

It’s super easy to use and effective for assigning tasks to friends, family, or your team. You can add voice reminders to your lists and ensure that you don’t skip out on any tasks. The repetitive reminders and the daily planner help to keep you on your toes every time and when you wake up.

6. Monday.com

Monday.com stands out as an all-around project and planning tool. It has all the desired features to allow you to distribute work to your team, track progress, and schedule. It has project templates that will enable daily tasks management.

It also gives you the freedom to customize projects to your needs. You can ‘star’ projects and tasks based on their rank. Assigning tasks is always easy, for the timeline shows the specific all assignees.

7. Neat

While planning is useful for your life, it’s also an incredible idea to tidy up your finances. That’s where Neat comes in. It’s a great organizational app that helps to reconcile your accounts.

You can upload your receipts and invoices and reconcile them with your accounts fast. This can keep you in the loop of your project’s cash flow and help you to control expenses. Its integration with QuickBooks is a bonus if you want to organize costs and prepare for tax returns.

8. Hootsuite

Almost three billion people are on social media today and the numbers continue to increase. The sites are now part of our lives and businesses. If you want to plan your posts and the management of all your accounts, then Hootsuite is a tool for you.

From one dashboard, you’re able to track the performance of each post and study your audiences’ needs. If you’re too busy, you can create and schedule many postings using the in-built calendar.

9. Zen Day

Zen day is one of the best organizer apps. It’s designed to improve your time management abilities and boost your productivity. It provides you with a single view of all your tasks and keeps you updated on their timeliness.

Incomplete tasks reschedule automatically. That means you will never remain with any pending work. The changing colors tasks keep you on your toes to complete projects before their due time.

Plus, the debriefing feature allows you to check your performance progress.

10. Lastpass

For each app, you will need unique passwords. Easy to remember passwords can compromise your security. Last isn’t much of an app for organizing─ but it can simplify your online life and remove the headaches of online security.

With Lastpass, you will create a master password and secure the logins of all your online apps. The tool generates strong passwords for your accounts and encrypts them in a safe vault.


IFTTT is an app to make other apps work best for your needs. Without coding knowledge, you can connect your apps and make your life comfortable. You can also automate most of your tasks through the applets feature.

For instance, you can share data between apps, instead of logging into each app. Or you can set up an applet to notify your family whenever you leave the office. You can also automate email responses to new blog subscribers.

Which are the Best Apps for Organizing?

Selecting the right apps for organizing has everything to do with your needs. Know what you and/or your team needs to get through projects or daily work. You can combine the appropriate apps for the best workflow.

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