My number word is ‘EXCELLENT’, what number word can you find?

What is the Activity?

A Number game activity that can be used for learners across a range of abilities and subjects. Please leave a comment on how you use the resource in the comments section below. What words can you find?

How can it be used?

  • Starter Task.
  • Main Task.
  • Plenary Task.
  • Using the letter of the alphabet and assigning a number to each letter this is a fun problem solving activity.
  • You could get learners to come up with some easier totals but the challenge to get to 100 develops problem solving skills.
  • Can be used in any lesson across a range of different subjects.

How does it impact Teaching and Learning?

  • Task and lesson becomes highly engaging and competitive.
  • Can be used as an introduction to a more challenging topic.
  • Allows collaborative learning and peer assessment opportunities.
  • Get learners to create their own number total challenge to develop high level thinking skills.
  • Makes the activity or lesson fun and memorable.

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