Have you ever tried Maths Poetry? Take a look at “Summing Me Up”. @joshuaseigal

Have you ever tried Maths Poetry? Take a look at “Summing Me Up”. @joshuaseigal


My name is Joshua Seigal. I am a professional poet, and in this capacity I regularly visit schools. I firmly believe that poetry can and should be embedded across the curriculum, and not just confined to English lessons. With this in mind, I’d like to share a poem that may be of use during Maths lessons. The following poem was written by me, exclusively for this blog post:

Summing Me Up by Joshua Seigal

me + football = energetic
me – doughnut = hungry
me + you = fun
(me + you) ÷ jealousy = loneliness

me x friends = party
(me x friends) + pizza = mess
((me x friends) + pizza) + mum = angry
me – internet = bored

Using this poem as a resource, students can write a poem in which they turn themselves into mathematical equations. Here is an example from a Year 7 student:

Summing Me Up by Sathana

Me + sister = enemies
Me – Chinese takeaway = nothing
Me x twelve = me
Me + vanilla cheesecake = heaven
Me = getting whatever I want = OMG

Me – sister = friends
Me + Chinese takeaway = something important
Me – vanilla cheesecake = hell
Me ÷ 12 = foetus
Me – getting whatever I want = what on earth is going on?!

The impact of this activity on learning is that students are encouraged to develop both mathematical and creative skills. They use mathematics to focus on self-reflection, and use equations to come up with interesting descriptions. Poetry really can do anything!

Please visit www.joshuaseigal.co.uk for more poetry fun!

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