“Hue” would have thought that this would be such a great HD visualizer for the classroom and homeschool! @HUEHD

“Hue” would have thought that this would be such a great HD visualizer for the classroom and homeschool! @HUEHD

I finally received my HUE HD Pro Camera in amongst the COVID19 crisis, and it was a ray of sunshine as It came through the door. I had a smile on my face as I had some new tech to look forward to and be inspired by. You can see that the lockdown is finally getting to me : ). Anyway, as well as having the intention to use the HUE HD Pro in the classroom, which in the current climate I do not have the opportunity to, I wanted to initially test the camera under remote learning conditions.

The “out of the box” experience for this product definitely did not disappoint. The system comes in a very well presented and organized package with all the components easy to unpack and setup. I felt I was bringing in a new pet into the house as the camera once setup looked like a small baby animal that required an initial feed.

My first setup of the device was straightforward and I managed to get everything connected and working in less than 60 seconds. I am not exaggerating, it was that easy and as described “plug and play” was exactly the case. However, I am pretty “tech-savvy” so that may have greatly helped the process! Just for reference, I set the camera up on my Mac Book Pro and as of writing this, I did not have the chance to the same on a windows system.

As mentioned earlier due to the covid19 lockdown I initially set up the HUE HD Pro at home and planned to do the same in a classroom environment when the current pandemic was over. Once I had the camera set up and was ready to go, I decided to jump straight into a lesson that day, and start using it as a visualizer. The impact the camera had on my demonstrations and explanations in that chosen lesson was immense. I felt very comfortable using the device, and the learners had fun seeing me using the camera for the first time. I could easily place documents and my mini whiteboard under the head of the camera and go through countless Maths examples in complete HD. I thoroughly enjoyed this new visualization experience, however, I realized afterward, due to the high definition, that I need a pedicure and a bit of hand maintenance : )

The camera is very sturdy and has a cute but sleek design. It fits nicely on my desk and I like having it there, hence why I have not boxed it back up. I would suggest getting the camera in black, however, I am completely happy with the blue colour that was sent to me. I would suggest making sure that you practice using the system for a while before you use it in an online lesson for the first time. Ensure you use the manual zoom function and position the camera correctly using the flexible neck before you start your lesson. The focus functionality is great too, but I highly advise you to sort this out before you start to experiment with the camera in lessons involving students.

The wife was so impressed with the product that she even gave it a go and now wants to borrow it for one of her future lesson observations. I can only see me finding more useful functions for the device the more I use the camera but there is no shadow of a doubt that I have added this to my teaching tech toolkit and will be there for years to come.

I was discussing and demonstrating the HUE HD pro in one of my online leadership meetings and many members of my middle management team were highly interested in borrowing the device and trialing it for their departments. We all felt that for the price you pay for the product, it was good value for money but hoped that we would get a bulk discount for large future purchases.

I have also spent a day or two using the camera for personal zoom meetings with family and friends and instantly could see the difference in picture quality. This was confirmed with the individuals I had meetings with. The flexible neck of the device allows the user to easily show their 360 degrees surroundings. I had fun showing my parents what my own kids were up to with their homeschooling activities.

Some of the other features that I was impressed with but did not get a chance to completely investigate was the onboard mic and the document capture functionality. I will leave some comments below as and when I explore these extra features of the product in the future.

For more information on the HUE HD PRO and how it works, you can visit the HUE HD PRO website or take a look at the video below. Please feel free to leave comments and questions below and I will be more than happy to respond to them.

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