Have you thought about having a classroom Maths Makeover?

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Have you thought about having a classroom Maths Makeover? 

So much of our dead wall space in classrooms can be used to inspire students. We have had a amazing response from students and staff after the work carried out over half term. Myself and the amazing Kate Diplock  (artist k.a.diplock@hotmail.co.uk)(local artist who in all honesty did the majority of the technical work) spent three days ripping down tatty old displays and replacing them with Maths formulas and quotes. I’d also like to thank my very trusting Head Mrs Goodchild for allowing us the opportunity to transform the room.  We are now planning to do all our Maths rooms, with each Teacher having their own input.  Incredibly fun and rewarding! Get the whole team involved and bond while investing in your classrooms and students.

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