Have You Seen This First Lesson Back “All About Me” Social Media Resource?

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Have You Seen This First Lesson Back “All About Me” Social Media Resource?

I am a primary teacher in North Lanarkshire, Scotland. I have a BA in Sport and Active Lifestyles and a PGCE in Primary Education. I have been teaching 2 years and have taught upper school in primary schools in the Springburn and Kilsyth area of Glasgow. I have loved every minute particularly the banter! Both of the schools I have experience in, are in areas of deprivation and are currently part of the Scottish Attainment Challenge. My current school is a Literacy layer school, meaning to raise attainment in Literacy and English. I know first-hand that in order to get the best effort and behaviour from the children I have to keep them engaged, so I spend a lot of time finding out their interests and create resources to try keep my lessons ‘interesting’ and as engaging as possible – Although have you ever tried to regain the class after producing the poo emoji on an emoji spelling resource under the letter ‘J’, I don’t recommend it!. I have found having a sense of humour definitely helps along the way too. I am currently a Primary 5/6 teacher in my 3rd year of teaching and I am passionate about teaching and learning resources and ideas. I post my ideas on my twitter account regularly at @missmcintyre15

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What inspired me to create the Social Media getting to know you activities?

Being an upper school primary teacher I feel to get the children engaged you have to relate to their interests. You will probably feel the same being a secondary teacher. With this in mind I have been on the hunt for strategies and resources that will improve engagement and motivation to complete activities.

How does it work?

Here students are expected to complete the worksheets as if it were their social media profile. Drawing a profile picture, writing status’s about their major events in life so far, to name a few.

What impact has the resource had?

This is a resource which is all over Pinterest and Twitter regularly etc there is also an electronic version on https://www.classtools.net/ which is good to use on iPads or computers, instead of ‘death by worksheet’. I have noticed an improvement in how conscientious they are towards their work when the ‘Fakebooks’ make an appearance. It is easily used across all curricular areas in Primary and Secondary. Sharing the resource across Twitter also created an interesting dialog about its use in maths, with many maths teachers considering how they could adapt the resource, hence this blog post. As I am a primary teacher the resource may seem basic if you are planning on using it with older children, feel free to adapt in any way to your personal class needs and abilities.

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