6 Essential Apps & Platforms Every Student Should Know in 2020

6 Essential Apps & Platforms Every Student Should Know in 2020

Particularly every student has been pulling all-nighters at least once. Spending nights cramming is not the best solution or a beneficial investment in your future. 

Academic success is usually linked to a number of factors. Some students do know about them and follow the unspoken rules. Others have no idea of how to boost their grades and combine studies with a part-time job. 

There is no doubt that modern students use a range of helpful platforms and applications. In this article, you will find the most useful ones.

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Recalling an essay service when writing about useful apps for students is absolutely inevitable. EssayPro delivers top-quality services for an adequate price. 

When a student lacks time to write an essay for a complicated subject, it is possible to ask a professional writer to fulfill the assignment for a reasonable price. 

EssayPro offers a wide variety of services starting from proofreading and ending up with writing dissertations from scratch.


Every student is obliged to write various papers and prepare other types of assignments before obtaining a degree. Grammatical and spelling mistakes can become a serious obstacle to good marks. 

Grammarly is the best tool that helps thousands of authors eliminate errors in their writing. There is a free version, which is almost as good as the paid ones. 

Grammarly also has an in-built plagiarism checker, though this particular feature is the service’s weak spot. Instead of turning to it to check originality, keep reading this article and explore way better options in this regard.


The academic world does not tolerate any form of plagiarism. On the other hand, there is no such student who didn’t try to rewrite someone else’s brilliant idea, especially in the situation of an approaching deadline. 

Having a good plagiarism checker is an initial part of getting excellent grades. With so many options online, Quetext is the best one in 2020. It is very easy to get started on this platform. 

Quetext allows 500 words to be checked for free at a time. Yet, if you have a few years more to spend at college, it may be worth investing in an unlimited premium account. 

What’s more, when you sign in, you get an account where all the reports are saved. 

Hemingway Editor

Do you think you’re good at writing, but your friends are calling your style Woolf-esque? It is generally believed that it’s not enough to write; it’s essential to write in such a way that everyone can understand what you mean. 

Making your essay readable enough is a tough and time-consuming editing task. For someone who hasn’t ever tried to edit a piece of writing, it may seem simply overwhelming. 

Hemingway Editor is a great application used by authors all around the world. It can also be used by regular students. Your prof will definitely appreciate how you strived to make your writings better.


Being self-organized means taking account of everything around you – past, present, and future. Good time-management skills characterize a successful student. 

The era of handwritten notebooks is well over now. There are many ways to digitize your notes in a smart and smooth way. Now, everyone has a smartphone and uses its many features to the fullest.

Trello is an incredibly useful app for everyday use, which was developed by the team of Atlassian. This company is one of the world’s best software providers delivering high-quality products in the IT sphere. 

Thus, using Trello, you are getting the best services out there. With it, you can create lists, cards, calendars, add deadlines, and manage everything in one app. Share your completed tasks on social networks so that everyone knows how hardworking you are!


We’ve already mentioned a reliable writing service, but what to do if you don’t want to order an essay, but need to find an experienced tutor to help you with a subject or two? 

EssayHub is a particularly new platform that offers students tutoring services. They have gathered hundreds of professional tutors who are specialists in different fields. 

Studying itself has never been easier! The tutor develops an individual learning plan for every customer. You can ask to clarify this or that question, request any kind of specification for a certain subject, etc. 

The price will surprise you because the platform is a relatively new player. 

Wrapping Up

We’ve listed six powerful services and tools which can become timeless friends for every student. 

Whenever you need to check your spelling, enhance your writings, ask for professional help, or organize time effectively, these tools and platforms will meet all your needs. 

Using these and other handy tools makes you a progressive and up-to-date student. Studying itself is not an easy task, but nowadays, there are so many ways to make the process simpler.

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