The wonderful world of writable surfaces!

The wonderful world of writable surfaces!

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The wonderful world for writable surfaces!

Hi-tech isn’t always ICT based, sometimes it is a well thought out piece of design that transform a classroom. Writable surfaces are a must in every classroom as they engage the children and encourage collaboration while learning.

Using writable surfaces is a fantastic way to improve teaching and learning. Those tricky two mark questions were we have all been frustrated đŸ˜¤ at the lack of working out displayed is overcome as sharing your method is so easy to do. Memory is improved if you take a photo (we all have those childhood photos were we can picture the time based on the 80s wallpaper) to share at a later date making it ideal for learners. The ideas are on display for all to share and use so learners can engage in discussions. Even teacher feedback can be jotted down directly on the desk.

writable surfaces

Don’t take my word for it, trust in my class who all delight when I allow them to draw on our tables.

Some to recap:

  •  Greater collaboration
  • Aids memory
  • Is just cool to do and kids love it
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3 comments on “The wonderful world of writable surfaces!
  1. Such a great idea which helps to take things beyond the paper and desk.

  2. Mary says:

    Sometimes technology in the classroom isn’t about another computer screen! These writable surfaces really open up a whole new capacity for students to learn from doing. When they have the opportunity to write or draw out their thought processes, it creates a much more indelible mark in their memory, allowing them to learn more efficiently! Thanks for this article and your insight!

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