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Guest Blogger: Chris Dunn @ShrekTheTeacher Tiny Bob’s Adventurous Counting has been written creatively to support maths in Early Years and Key Stage 1. It’s a very interactive book on Apple’s iBooks store, and can be used on any iPad or Mac computer… …

Have you seen this innovative new adventure iBook for iPad to support maths in Early Years KS1? Read More »

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Guest Blogger: Chris Dunn @ShrekTheTeacher Poor mental maths ‘ability’ (I say ability, but I suspect it has more to do with education), seems to have become endemic in England.  It’s often talked about in the press, and is so prevalent in my …

Does a lack of mental maths ‘ability’ stem from poor counting? A great read!! Read More »

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The best triangles counting starter solution The documents needed for this engaging counting triangles starter can be downloaded below. We have all seen these counting shape type activities doing the rounds on Facebook and Twitter and we are all aware …

99% of people answer this question wrong! The best counting triangles starter ever! Read More »

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