Tips To Pass TOEFL Exam

Tips To Pass TOEFL Exam

Most of us explore the possibility of higher studies abroad, estimate the expenses and requirements. Be it a self-funded or scholarship opportunity to get admission to a university, a nonnative English speaker is often required to prove language proficiency. TOEFL is one such test that is mandatory while applying to an English speaking institution. Your marks make you admission scores in the university. Therefore this test of English as a foreign language has to be prepared and attempted well. The question is how? Let get started and explore some ways

Planning For the Test Preparation

Not only the TOEFL but any exam you are preparing for needs planning. Check out the syllabus, time left for the exam, and divide the course on the number of days. Now start giving a dedicated time to practice that part of the exam. You must know the content and the required score. Do not only plan to take the minimum score, prepare for the best.

Find Out Best Material for Practice Purpose

Gather material that helps you prepare your best. From basic to complicated questions, make sure you go through everything.

Explore More about the Test

Talk to people who have taken the exam before and ask them about the nature of questions, how they prepared for the exam, etc.. You can also search for the format of the TOFEL by visiting their website.

Work on your Weak Points

We all know our areas of expertise and where do we lack. If you think that forms of verb and tenses are your major problems while structuring a sentence, then you must start working on it dedicatedly. Find a tutor for you. Go for online help because it’s not an assignment that you can get done by paying someone or availing the services of speedypaper. You have to attempt it yourself.

Make it a Joyful Experience

Make preparing for this test a joyful experience for you so that you do not feel panic and get bored. For example, when it comes to listening, watch your favorite movie in English, and when it comes to practice speaking, start making a conversation with your friends in English. If you do not think it’s funny, you may start talking to your own self in English standing in front of the mirror and discussing the current political situation of your country, for example. This is really fun and good to gain confidence in speaking.

You can make reading joyful by studying an interesting novel, or a full of suspense story recommended by some of your reading freak friends.

Writing can be improved for those who read a lot. Read a lot of articles and install software that gives you prompts, and you may practice your writing there. Make it a habit that you watch CNN and BCC news while reading the headlines. This will not only help you understand the accent but also you will retain a lot of information that may be used to produce an essay.

Online Help

There are certainly several online communities where you can discuss more and more about how to better prepare for the test.

Accumulate More and More Words

To be able to write and understand well, you must have a good vocabulary of the language. The best thing is while you are reading a book or watching a movie with English subtitles, note down the words you did not understand and find the meaning in the dictionary. The continuous practice would help you gather a pool of thousand words that are more than enough for writing even a novel.

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